July 22, 2014

this spray paint is magic in a can.

Early last year I started seeing shiny gold spray paint popping up all over blogland and apparently, the Rust-oleum $4 version is one of the very best out there. {or second, according to Chris loves Julia and their test! :)} Of course I had to try it for myself... and I only waited a year plus to buy some. Back in the old days {you know, 2012}, I had to hand paint my gold frame instead of spraying it. ;)

I bought this outdoor lantern at Goodwill for $3 years ago, and I thought it might look amazing in a fresh coat of shiny gold. 

I think that little DIY intuition was right!! :) 

I hope gold never goes out of style again {though I seem to remember gold being quite big in the late 80's?}. Remember when Home Interiors was so popular? I can't believe I've already been through repeating fad cycles at 31!! ha! I totally remember the bleached shorts and plastic neon sunglasses and Keds, and what in the world? They're back already. 

I'm not doing those fads this time around because they make me feel like I'm 8 years-old again. But gold? I'll happily repeat that trend. ;) Especially if I have low-commitment spray paint to do the job for me!

p.s. do you think that big bangs will ever come back? I could totally rock that style with my curls. 

just kidding.


What trends have you already lived through? Did you do them twice {or more?}?

Gold- yay or nay? :)

July 21, 2014

sweet moments to remember: chilly summers, tornado messes, and blessing upon blessing

I don't know about you, but July keeps surprising me by being amazing. :) 

There were lots of moments from the last week that I want to remember...like these girls washing dishes together:

They were just babies yesterday, and now they can do the dishes!! I hope to see that sight hundreds more times. ;) 

Then there was a very memorable tornado-like mess in the office...possibly the first time in year we did a full closet cleaning:

And of course I can't contain it to just one room... ;) {and this is after it was mostly done!}

And then... oh my goodness- it was the coldest week in July I can ever remember! It was 68 degrees and overcast at noon one day, and the highs were in the low 70's several days in a row! :) What is happening?? 

The boys look like they're trying to be friendly here but it was really a ploy to stay warm while we ate outside:

Same with the girls. :) It was so strange- it felt like early November!! 

And in honor of nearly a week of pretend fall we had our first peach cobbler this year:

And then on Saturday, I took my first trip to Tuesday Morning:

I didn't find anything there, but it was interesting! I can't believe I hadn't been before. The prices were higher than I expected on most things. Do they have good sales? I couldn't figure it out.

We actually ran lots of errands on Saturday, and while the hubs and kids went to Lowe's, I hit the gym and got on the stair climber for the first time in ages...

That thing is insane. You're dripping sweat from head-to-toe about 45 seconds in! :) I love that burn, man.

Good thing too, because on Sunday, I ate this entire brownie by myself:

Brownie points for you {ha!} if you can tell me where it was from!!! 

And then a fun {and productive} weekend ended with my some of my very favorite moments during every week:

God is so gracious to allow us to have sweet times like those. I know it won't be long before those little girls and boys are going to be starting life on their own, so I want to enjoy this season all I can while it is here. :)

How was your weekend?

Do you ever have moments when you look around and feel that you are ridiculously blessed too?

Did the cold front come through your neck of the woods last week? 
I loved it!!

July 16, 2014

laundry room cabinet: before and after {years later}

After a year-and-a-half of it looking like this, I finally got the urge to tackle our laundry room cabinet:

Oh my stars, why did I wait forever? {maybe it was the year of having a baby or something :P} The Zaner napped long enough for me to get a coat of super primer and one coat of semi-gloss paint on, and then I finished it while he played with the older children later in the afternoon. I decided against gray and went with regular white, and I love how it turned out!

So.much.better!! :D Now every few hours I'm standing there I get to enjoy a beautiful cabinet!! ;)

Have you ever started a project only to finish it years later like me? hahahah!! :P

Washing machine: front loader or top loader? Or the 1990's version? which do you prefer?
We went with a nice big top loader when we replaced ours last year, and guess what? They still break. :( I'm not sure if I overloaded it or what to make it leak like it does, but it seems like they just don't make 'em like they used to. I'm thinking about getting two cheap non-fancy ones with the center turbine thing to replace it! I probably won't, but I did consider it. ;)

July 15, 2014

the things we'll do for free food + lots of summer fun

It's likely that nearly 1/3 of all Americans were dressed like this last Friday:

It's a rare disorder called, "I'll do anything for free food-itis" and it looks a lot like this:

We secretly think the bigwigs were out shooting guns one day, and one said to the other, hey- how many people do you think you can get to dress up like a cow at one time?

The answer? From what I can tell, millions. ;)

We bought t-shirts, lots of duck tape, and spent close to an hour on our costumes, but hey, we got all of this for free!! :)

Our total? $47.52!

I bet you'd dress up like a cow for $50 bucks too, wouldn't you? :P There's no shame in that game!

{We did it last year too, two weeks before my due date. I think being 38 weeks preggo qualified as a costume on its own! hahah! ;)}

We've been having such a lovely summer. In between working on lots of house projects, we've been swimming:

And then targeting... ;)


And thanks to a very mild Texas summer, enjoying being outdoors:

We found a little river park on the side of the highway, and we decided to explore. 

And, thanks to a very sweet friend who watched all of my munchkins, I got to sneak away and get my toenails painted and have some alone time after a long, hard couple of weeks. :)

Friends are the best aren't they? What a blessing! :)

Summer 2014 = friends, parties, food, fresh air...all good for this girl's soul after a long, hard winter. :)

How was your weekend? 

Did you score any free Chick-fil-a?

Favorite season of the year? 
Mine's usually fall, but this summer? Amazing.

July 11, 2014

unexpected answers from God: when it's not what we think.

Oh I just wanted to pop and share this Desiring God article with you before the weekend. It was so encouraging to me!! It's about receiving unexpected answers from God:
...we pray for greater faith, love, holiness, wisdom, discernment, experience of God’s grace, boldness, joy in God, and less satisfaction with worldly things. 
Such longings and prayers are sincere and God loves them and loves to answer them. But we do not know ourselves very well, nor the depth or pervasiveness of our sin, nor what it really requires of us in order to receive what we ask for. We can’t help but have unreal, romantic imaginations and expectations about what God’s answers to our prayers will be. 
Therefore, we are often unprepared for the answers we receive from God. His answers frequently do not look at first like answers. They look like problems. They look like trouble. They look like loss, disappointment, affliction, conflict, sorrow, and increased selfishness. They cause deep soul-wrestling and expose sins and doubts and fears. They are not what we expect and we often do not see how they correspond to our prayers.
I'm still surprised by how God answers my prayers! I know He refines in the fire, but somehow I'm always thinking it should be easy if I want to be more like Him. But it's not- it's so sin-revealing, humbling and heart-wrenching, and very painful sometimes!! 

And that's okay- we are being made like Him in our sufferings- He's molding our hearts to rely on Him fully. His ways are higher than my ways- and so, so much BETTER. He knows what He is doing and we can always trust Him- even when the battle gets harder! If you're in a season that's hard right now- take heart- He is was, and is, and is to come. He is Holy, just and the Almighty God. He is worthy of your praise, in all situations. Draw near to Him.

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