Thursday, July 23

41 weeks, baby #6

41 weeks + 1 day with this little girl. :D

I'm starting to feel like a freak of nature with my ability to hold babies in longer than anyone else (if there was one, I'm pretty sure I could win the gestational championship) ��, but hey, the upside is I've slept through the night for an extra week, went shopping just for fun, made freezer dinners, and have been on lots of walks with the kiddos. And my house is cleaner than ever... :P

Sunday, July 19

five things I kinda love right now

Somewhere around 37 weeks {mid-Juneish}, I finally got my act together and started preparing for this little girl. I think I may have subconsciously known I'd have another month to go! ;) Luckily thanks to a sweet friend passing along her clothes, we were more than covered in that department and didn't have to find any girl clothes! That was a huge blessing. So we've just needed a few things to get ready for the baby, and they've been mostly house, cleaning, and food related. :) 

I may have mentioned it before, but after more than a year of not shopping I've found that I don't enjoy shopping as much as I used to because I rarely find anything I want to spend money on. :P I guess I've become way more picky about purchases lately, even if it means having unfinished decor for a really long time. I think moving twice in a year makes you realize how little stuff you need. :) Having too much really weighs you down!

But over the last few weeks of having to get out more {ha!}, I found a few random things I've been really excited about and wanted to share them with you. I always love it when other people share their favorite finds, so here are five things I kinda love right now! :)

1. Burt's Bees Lip Crayon {in Sedona Sands}.  You know you have a winner when you'll dig to the bottom of your purse to find your lip crayon. :D This stuff is like lotion for your lips, and the color is so pretty! It's worth the $9! 

2. This coral jubilee fabric. After searching high and low for really unique and affordable baby bedding that matched our wall color, I finally gave up on pre-made bedding and went with this pattern from Spoonflower to coordinate the nursery! :) {I bought a single yard for the baby's blanket and I'm in love!}

coral jubilee

3. This mini cross-body messenger bag-turned girl diaper bag. I found mine on super clearance for $34 at DSW and after looking in all the baby sections for a smaller diaper bag I was thrilled to find something that I really liked that didn't scream diaper bag, had real leather accents, and wasn't $75. Plus if all goes well, when I'm done I can resell it for most of the initial cost! :)

4. This 11x11 framed paper flower set from Target for $27- these are going above our transformed bed! :) Seriously cute, and you can't even buy the shadowbox matted frames for that. It would make a fun wedding gift too at that price!
5. Salted caramel brownie brittle. I was shopping at the health food store one whole day before I was due and all willpower officially left me when I saw these... 
Only the crispy edges of brownies? Salted caramel? Nearly 40 weeks pregnant? I've got nothing. 

What are you loving right now? :D

Monday, July 13

a perfect babymoon to South Texas

I'm here and very, very pregnant! :D We have been absolutely killing it this summer trying to finish up a few major house projects before the baby comes, and I have had zero time to sit down and write even though so much has happened! :D Once the baby comes, I'm imagining I won't be able to do much but sit on the sofa and nurse so I'm trying to get as much done as I can before she arrives {maybe this week or next?}.

We did manage to squeeze in a super quick babymoon to the hill country a few weeks ago, and I loved every minute of it. It was our first night alone since Zane was born two years ago, and I really couldn't have asked for a more wonderful trip. It was perfect.

Rob's mom and dad kept the kids for two nights while we escaped with no one in the backseat! :D

Our first stop was this famous bakery where we filled a bag with yummy carbs:

A few hours of driving later {which we didn't even notice because we talked the whole time!}, we arrived at the neatest little herb farm in Fredericksburg:

It is adults only, and no pets/no smoking.... i.e. the best place to go on a babymoon EVER if you love quiet like we do. They have a few little cottages and you get one all to yourself. :DDD 

Our first night there we looked up restaurants to eat at based on ratings alone, and drove out to this hole in the wall right by a view of an incredible old railroad tunnel filled with millions of bats (in fact it was the only tunnel in Texas?):

I was too tired to stay for the bats to come out {that and something about a million bats flying over my head felt a tad more horror film than delightful?}, so we headed back to our cottage and woke up late the next morning for lunch at the restaurant on the property. It was in a renovated farmhouse and was as charming as everything else there:

I'm not sure I've ever been more excited about a salad:

I actually loved it so much I've recreated it 15 times since we've been back! :D After a long nap, we went walking on main street and wandered in and out of cute boutiques and a fun ice cream parlor.

I'm always afraid of trying new places to eat, but Trip Advisor never failed us this time. This teeny little Italian place called Pasta Bella was wonderful too:

The cottage gives you a voucher for $10 per person/day toward your meals in the farmhouse, so we had breakfast before we hit the road back home the next day. Rob was in sheer heaven when he found out they served ice cream on their waffles! :)

It was a whirlwind of perfection. Talking, driving, eating, resting, walking main street- what a blessing of 60 hours it was before the baby comes! All thanks to my amazing in-laws- I'm pretty sure the kids didn't even notice we were gone. :)

Hill country, we will be back for you in a couple of years. ;)

p.s. this post was in no way sponsored by anyone, I just had to share this little gem of a place with you in case you're in Texas and want to get away for a weekend. I would go back in a heartbeat! :)

Saturday, June 13

a thrifty transformation: sleigh bed before and after

The rain has officially left us for the summer! My nesting urges are finally being satisfied now that we've gotten to move on to painting projects, grass, and landscaping. ;) I'm so excited! 

Remember our $250 thrifted bed? Here's what it looked like before:

And here's what it looks like now, thanks to a coat of white paint: 

I'm in love!! Painting the big sleigh bed white made the whole room look bigger. I couldn't be happier with the outcome! :)

The transformation was all thanks to Rob, of course. :D Here was my view of the whole process:

And now, thanks to a day of his hard work, I get to enjoy this view:

I love Pottery Barn for sure, but you can't beat the satisfaction of getting a pretty white bed for less than $325!  :D 

Tuesday, June 2

what $29 will get you at Goodwill

Thrift shopping trips to our old GW have been few and far between in the last few years. Is it just me, or did all Goodwill's suddenly go up in price? Ours has a new manager who is very organized and on top of things {and that makes a huge difference!}, but I would say as a company, their prices have definitely gone up in the last two or three years- or at least in Texas anyway.

Even still, high prices at GW are still like 20% of retail! :) I'm okay with that. The savings really adds up in the end!

Here's what $29 will get you at a Goodwill in Texas {before tax}:

1. Men's Kenneth Cole Reaction lined jacket: $7
2. Green Justice military jacket, $4
3. Carter's denim top, $1
4. Levi's {size 14!} jeans, $7

5 + 6. Will books, $2 each
7. Our 50 States, $2
8. Nourishing Traditions cookbook, $2
9. Nothing Can Separate Us, $2

I was happy to find some good children's books while we were there- I find that the kids will read and re-read the books we keep at home. :D

We found a cassette player and the kids were in awe- "A tape player? What is that Mommy?"

I feel so old. :) Yes, children, I used to run with a smaller version of that on my hip... :DDD

Did you have a Walkman? Do you remember when you got your first CD player?? {and now CD's are dying...sheesh! hahaha}

How much would a coat cost at your local thrift store?
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