November 19, 2014

life lately: the last 3 weeks in pics

You know one good aspect of getting shingles? {okay, maybe the only thing?}


It's when your mom comes down and folds all the clothes for you!

Oh, and then when she does the dishes too:

Though I have to admit, the hour of alone time at the doctor's office was nice too. :)

I had a pretty short case from what I hear- it took about a week to feel better. Luckily it was only in my neck/ear area and mostly internal. I'm incredibly thankful for medicine that may have saved my face from permanent nerve damage. It's been a few weeks now since I took the meds and I feel a nerve twinge every now and then, but I really believe medicine shortened the whole process by several weeks. Again, so very thankful for the Lord's provision there. Phew!

While my mom was here, I made this asparagus tart from the ^Forest Feast cookbook^:

My favorite parts were the puff pastry and the cheese. :)

And the next weekend after life was back to normal, we had the chance to go on a cheap date at a deli:

We stopped at Baskin Robbins for ice cream, but he ended up with a donut:

And I just wanted the cone:

I know, I'm so weird. {The cone is the only part of ice cream I like!}

And naturally, the only place we went after that:

It might have been the best trip to HD I've ever been on. They had refrigerators on sale. :)

Oh, man. I am so excited about moving in our house. It's probably good that the holidays are coming to distract us in the meantime. Isabella made a chart to check off the days left until Thanksgiving:

Really, it's too bad we don't eat guinea for Thanksgiving, because here was our backyard this weekend:

They heard the water running and rushed to get there. I almost thought they were going to befriend Rob, but they just wanted a drink. :)

Oh, how I love the country. :) 

{assuming those birds don't wake you up early, ha!}

Being awakened by a rooster always sounded so romantic to me... until the first time I had one wake me up before dawn. ;) 

What's your life been like lately? 

Favorite Baskin Robbins ice cream? Do tell!
We've never had it...yet! :) lol! I tend to like caramel/dulce de leche/anything without nuts in general.

Ever been woken up by a rooster? 
Believe it or not, I was an adult the first time!

^^ = book affiliate link from Amazon! :D

November 18, 2014

big fat homemaking fail

Please tell me this happens to you too?

On the positive side, at least she knows how to write her sibling's name...


Hey, at least I'm not growing a table mold farm or washing hammers again {that I know of...}. ;)

A little dust graffiti never hurt anyone, right? :P

November 17, 2014

monday menus: chicken pot pie, black bean soup, and basil tofu

I planned these out last night, but after a very long Monday... well, let's just say I'm just glad to have a chance to post while it's still Monday. :D Sickness just keeps making itself comfortable in our little house this fall. : / I guess we must be really hospitable people or something. ;) Would you please pray for us if you think of it? 

:: dinners :: 
this deliciously terrible chicken pot pie
basil tofu, mushrooms + rice noodle stir fry {chicken + butter noodles for kids}
spaghetti marinara, salad, and bread
beans + rice
dinner out {hopefully, man!}

:: lunches ::
turkey burgers + black bean chips
lunch out
eggs + veggie + fruit

:: other meals for the adults ::
chicken + butternut squash
sweet potato + salad
salmon + veggies 
soup + polenta

Any other polenta lovers out there?
I may be the only one, but I love that stuff!! All it needs is a little sea salt and it tastes delicious!!

Is sickness making itself at home around your place too? ;)
I need some super vitamins or something. I think being at the end of the nursing stores makes you more susceptible to sickness. Having a toddler who licks the floor probably doesn't help either.

November 13, 2014

Zane {15 months}

It’s hard to believe this little guy is 15 months today!

I must be getting old, because even the fit-throwing toddler stage is kind of amusing these days. This buddy is full of life and energy, and knows what he wants! :) He also loves his mama and daddy so much. {Every now and then, he’ll crawl up in my lap and rest his head on my shoulder and then I die. :P}


He’s in to everything, and can make a mess in 10 seconds flat. :) Between nursing and eating real food, I think I feed him somewhere around 17 times a day. And he’s got the size to show it. ;) Bless his little heart, he likes his food! :P


He’s often my early Bible study companion. Trying to read with him nearby, well…my poor Bible. :P


Having a toddler is challenging for sure- he keeps us on our toes! But what joy this little man brings our family. We so love watching him grow up! :)

Is it just me, or does babyhood end sooner and sooner?
Wasn't I just pregnant the other day? LOL.

How do you manage your devos with little ones on top of you? I'd love to hear any of your ideas!

November 12, 2014

building the walls {our new home exterior: 1 month in}

It's been a while since I've shared a house update! It's come a long way since the last time I showed you our progress! :)

Here's what our property looked like when I posted last time:

After the dirt was filled in, the slab was poured. We did one of the coolest things after the slab was poured- we got to be there when they popped the chalk lines on the concrete for the walls:

That made me nervous, I tell you. We spent four hours outlining exactly where we wanted every window, door, and wall. We initially drew up our own plans in a home building program, so I had spent hours living in this imaginary house in my head, trying to think out each space in depth before we committed to it. And then to see my imaginary floorplan on a real piece of concrete was a little more than surreal. :)

But it was even weirder and more exciting when the actual framing began a few days later:

It's a real house! :D EEEK! The cute little roof was going up too:

I didn't know if we would have one or not in the beginning, but the front porch turned out to be one of my very favorite features of the house:

Rob likes it too. :D I can imagine lots of schoolwork, reading, and playing being done here:

We had to climb a ladder up 12 ft. to get to the second floor before the walls were there. It gave me a new respect for the framers. They are hardcore, building houses and roofs up in the air! :)

And like that, our house was born:

Well, hello home. :D

We have lots more pictures, but I'll save them for the next update! :)

Have you ever built a house?
We've built two houses before this one, but I've always had very limited selections compared to designing it yourself. It's a little nerve-wracking to be a perfectionist and build your own house. :P Funny thing is, you would never think about window placement if you bought a house instead of built one, so I'm trying to remember that it's not that important. ;)

Favorite house style?
I'm a traditional girl. I like classic houses that will be just as beautiful 50 {or 118} years later. For this house, we tried to build a house with a simple, classic style to save money on construction.
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