Thursday, September 06, 2007

Are these all yours?

When I was pregnant (11 days ago now!), I would frequently get the remark, "Wow, you are going to have your hands full." I would always just nod and smile.

Being naive (as I often am), I didn't think the comments would come so soon after her birth. On Tuesday, I took my first solo trip with all three in tow for Isabella's first doctor appointment. As we were leaving the office, a lady in passing asked, "Are these all yours?" Naturally, I give my usual response- I nod and smile.

"My, you have your hands full!"

"Yes," I nod, "in a good way." I smile.

She continues, "How old are they?"

Still smiling, "3, 2, and 1 week."

"Wow. Oh well, at least you got a girl out of it," she says.

I smile, again, my default response. Like I would have been unhappy if she was a boy, I think. This lady has some nerve!

"Are you done now?" she asks.

"Oh no!" (biggest smile here) "I hope not."

"OOh.... " her jaw drops as she walks away.

It is so weird that people think they somehow have a right to say something about the number of children I have! The worst part to me is that my children are going to hear this probably for the rest of their childhood- complete strangers making negative remarks about their very existence! The funny thing is, I don't go up and ask people why they only have one or two children and when are they going to have more!

It doesn't upset me when people ask me these things, I know I am probably an unusual sight- a young mom with three children three and under. I just try to always respond with a smile and an answer that affirms the value of our children because I want my children to know how happy I am to have each one of them.

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