Purging the Clutter

I hate clutter. Unfortunately, I don't hate it enough! I am particularly bad at purging clutter from my bathroom drawers. Half-empty toiletries are apparently my favorite thing to collect! The sad thing is, I did a full cleaning/organization of the bathroom about 6 months ago!

This week my mission is to clean out my bathroom drawers, cabinets and containers. I took a picture so you could see just how bad it gets in 6 months!
Just shameful, isn't it!

I am going to take pictures today as I go through this giant mess and post them periodically. I hope I can get done by tonight! Find more tackling inspiration over at 5minutesformom.


Marcia said...

I can't wait to see your results when you're done!

I also went through my make-up yesterday but I didn't post that one as my tackle.

Organising queen and
Marcia's take charge blog

Misslionheart♥ said...

Mine can look like that in a week!

Good luck with your tackle

Karen said...

Hey, at least you purge. I have a difficult time purging anything with a husband and three kids that like to dig stuff back out of the trash! lol Good luck!

Beckaboo said...

Wow! Great tackle! I, too, suffer from lack of purging. It is a constant battle at my house -- I always have too much stuff.

Can't wait to see the after photos!

Blessings, Beckie :o)

Sara said...

I really need to tackle this too, I think those little things reproduce when we're not looking. Have fun!

Rhen (yestheyareallmine) said...

Amen! Amen! That is a great ideas for my next Tackle it Tuesday. :)

Zen Master said...

I have tons of boxes around the house of clutter. I HATE it and it's all new to me having this problem. Does it seem like as you get rid of stuff, more stuff is coming in?

Mandy said...

I think it does! Maybe it is like layers- you peel back one layer of clutter only to find another! lol. The more I get rid of the more I see!