Sunday, September 30, 2007

Why it's All or Nothing

I believe that when it comes to the Word of God it is all or nothing- all truth or none at all. There is no "that part was written for that culture" or "I don't think God meant that for today." Christians today often say that Scripture- even New Testament mandates should be taken into context of the culture in which they were written and do not apply to modern day.

I'm sorry- to me that is denying the inspiration and inerrancy of the God's Word. To say that God could not preserve His commands throughout thousands of years is to doubt the sovereignty of God.

On the day of judgment when I stand before God, I want to say Lord, you told me your Word was true and flawless, and you told me that I show my love for you by keeping your commandments, and I did what your Word said- rather than, I'm sorry Lord, I thought you only meant that for that culture and time period. Women in our culture were so much different.

I take God's Word at face value. I don't think God left us His Word wrapped up in mystery that we have to figure out what He means. It is clearly laid out for us and applies to our lives today. I am so thankful that I don't have to decipher or interpret what God wants for me.
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