Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Cake Decorating Lessons Learned

We recently celebrated our oldest's 4th birthday. For his birthday I made a Veggie Tales cake- Larry the Cucumber. It definitely wasn't the best hand decorated cake I've made, but I did learn something- it is far easier to decorate a cake that is the same color as the icing. I put Green Wilton paste in the cake batter just for the effect of green cake, but when I went to decorate it, it was so much easier to decorate because the cake crumbs blended instead of standing out like white cake does.
Oh, and a few more cake decorating tips I learned- don't freehand Larry the Cucumber ;) and don't decorate at night when you have an earache and two out of your three children are crying. Taking care of toddlers and babies with green-icing hands just doesn't work! :) And, no matter how awful you think it looks, if your 4 year old loves it, you've done your job.

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