Friday, November 30, 2007

*Extremely Cheap* Coupon Organization

I almost didn't post about this because, well, it's so cheap it's almost embarrassing (maybe I should save it for my Frugal Confessions post!). :)

Last month I was overwhelmed with coupons. My previous $1 organizer had become far too small to hold my growing coupon stash. Inspired by Crystal's great post on her coupon organizing technique, I was determined to create a way to store and easily find my coupons without buying anything.

While trying to come up with a solution using what I had on hand, I pulled out my envelopes to start making a system similar to hers, and decided, why not just use the envelope box?

I took out several envelopes and started labeling them right on the envelope. I intended to add an index card like hers, but never got around to it. I just moistened the flap and folded it into the inside of the envelope. Now I can organize and find my coupons so easily! My favorite part of the coupon organizer was that I didn't have to buy something for it- I had the .97 box of envelopes in the office (and I only used a few of them!). And, if I ever find a good deal on a storage shoe box, I can just transfer my envelopes over to it.

Check out Crystal's blog for more frugal tips!
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