Wednesday, November 14, 2007

I Really Don't Enjoy Doing Laundry.

Whew. I'm glad that's out. (Is a girl whose blog has homemaking in the title allowed to say that?)

I dread doing the laundry. Keeping up with laundry for five is pretty tough, but it's mostly the folding and putting away of laundry that I dislike so much. I've searched for tips on how to make doing the laundry easier- all I could really find that would help me is a family closet in the laundry room. Our current laundry room for which I am extremely thankful is unfortunately far too small for a family closet.

Over the past couple of years, I have found a couple of things that really made laundry duty a little bit easier. I painted my laundry room hot pink (think Barbie pink) so I would like to be in there more. It is a much happier place now! I can see my laundry room glowing down the hallway. :)

I also found that placing each person's dirty clothes into individual hampers (as they are soiled) made a huge impact on the time I spend doing laundry. My husband, myself, the boys, and Isabella each have our own hamper. I only do laundry by person, when that person's hamper is full. This saves me a ton of time because I am only folding one person's clothes, so I have one pile and one location to take the clothes when they are folded. It seems to keeps me more motivated to fold the load as well.

I also try to do the laundry in the laundry room, straight out of the dryer so I don't have piles scattered all over the house. It's never going to get folded once it leaves the laundry room anyway. (The one person load works well too because I have limited space to fold). Sometimes, if it's quiet, I will bring my laptop in there and listen to Dave Ramsey or a sermon.

Making the laundry room a happy place, presorting our laundry, and actually doing all of the laundry in the laundry room really works for me.
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