Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Menu Planning Using Your Computer

Planning my menus on Monday really helps keep me motivated to cook and especially helps me to plan out my grocery trips. I notice that when I don't plan, we are more likely to end up eating frozen food or going out.

Since my husband bought me a Mac, I have been using iCal- an easy to use calendar program to plan my menus each week. I type in the new meals I want to cook and as the month goes on, I see all of the possible menus I could create from the previous month's meals. I can quickly move each meal title around to plan out my menu, as well as add in new ones for the week. After I am done planning, I can print out my calendar for the week or month if I wish, or just set alarms for each day's meal to remind me when I open up the computer.

If you don't have a Mac, you can use Outlook's calendar in the same manner. If you don't have a Mac or Microsoft Outlook, you can download the free calendar program Sunbird from Mozilla (the company who makes the browser Firefox- while you are there you can download that for free too. You will never go back to buggy Internet Explorer!).

Planning menus easily certainly works for me!
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