Thursday, November 01, 2007

More Children= More Love!

I have heard so many times that if you have too many children they won't get enough attention. Since Isabella was born, I have been really surprised at how much attention she gets. Not only from me and my husband, but also the constant attention from one of her brothers.

If she needs to be put in her bouncy chair or laid down, she is surrounded by her older brothers, talking to her and showing her their toys, or singing to her. She gets so much more attention than the oldest did when he was a baby.

If she cries and I can't get to her, her brothers will retrieve the pacifier and give it to her. She has someone around her almost all the time. In some ways, I think it's actually easier to have three children than it is to have just one. You have two little helpers when the new baby comes.

I am holding her in my lap right now, and she is laughing and cooing at Elijah's made-up silly song for her. It is so precious to see the interaction between them. And instead of having just two loving parents, she's has four people that love her everyday.
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