Saturday, December 01, 2007

Black Friday 2007 CVS Deals

I can honestly say, until this year I had never shopped a Black Friday sale at a drugstore! I went at 11:30 on Wednesday night to get all the goods so I could check out at midnight, when the sale began. I really overestimated the crowd though- I was the ONLY person in CVS! :) The manager on duty thought I was crazy when I asked for their Black Friday ad. She had no idea of any sale beginning on Thanksgiving Day. She went to find their store copy of the ad and let me look through it. I already had my list and coupons ready. I got every single free deal in the ad! I guess being a night owl finally paid off! ;)

I made $18 and got all of this for free! It was very exciting! I even drank the free green tea energy drink before our 5k run 8 hours later!

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