Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Kitchen Tip Tuesday- Peeling Hot Potatoes

I was making one of my husband's favorite meals, corn chowder, for dinner a couple of weeks ago, and after baking the potatoes in the microwave, I started peeling their skins by hand. Of course, they just shredded while the potato burned my fingertips. After many painful minutes of trying to peel the hot potatoes, my post-third-pregnancy brain started working again, and I figured out how to make these skins fall right off! Just rinse them in very cold water for about 20 seconds and amazingly enough, the skin will just come right off and your fingers will thank you!

That's probably a kitchen tip that someone figured out long before I did, but I learned it the hard way so I thought I would share! Check out more kitchen tips over at Tammy's Recipes to avoid other kitchen related mishaps! :)
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