Tuesday, January 08, 2008

"Most People Stop After Two"

I thought this was a great post from Kelly about allowing God to choose our family size. I get these kind of comments from Christian friends and even church leadership. It is so sad how the church has lost sight of what a blessing children are to us. I want God to choose the number of blessings He wants to give me!
"Most people stop after two, Kelly," was the matter-of-fact comment, spoken of course with a smile (because that makes it OK), from a dear friend of mine, and, believe it or not, pastor. I hadn't seen him in a while, and more than once during our visit he reminded me (with an "innocent joke") how bizarre and "weird" our choice to let God be sovereign over our family size was.

Every time I witness other believers "joking" about the large family, my heart hurts. Not because they have hurt MY feelings, even though usually I am the brunt of the "jokes", but because it is a constant reminder of the true condition of the "church's" heart toward children, and ultimately toward God and family.

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