Thursday, January 10, 2008

Walgreen's Came Through

After much trouble, I have finally "redeemed" my SpaRewards from Walgreen's!

You might remember the deal- purchase 4 Wyeth products and receive $100 in SpaRewards. I purchased four boxes of Robitussin in early October and sent in my receipt with the EasySaver booklet.

After 6 weeks I hadn't received anything so I called Walgreen's and they said, oops, it must have been overlooked, we are sending it out. After waiting three more weeks I finally received my rewards, which expire on the first of March this year.

I called the number for authorization right after I got them, the week after Christmas, and got a message saying the Customer Service is busy, and leave a message. I didn't the first time, but after attempting to call them almost every day I left a message. I didn't get a call back, so a week later (this week) I decide to call the corporate line and talk to someone. I got connected with a very nice lady who verified the number I was calling was the newest number and she emailed someone in charge of the SpaRewards with my information. Two days later I get a call from, guess who, Walgreen's SpaRewards!

They asked which spa I would like to go to- I told them and they said they were going to call them right now and order my $100 gift card. We hung up and he called me right back and said the $100 gift card is all ready and waiting for you there, and please just mail in those rewards certificates to this address.

Of course, it's second nature for me to verify everything, so I called my spa (we know the owners, so I trust them) and they are now sending my gift card in the mail! A $100 gift card good for massages, haircuts, manicures or even spa products!

Walgreen's came through! I was expecting to end up with just four boxes of Robitussin, but hey, thanks to Walgreen's and Wyeth, I got $100 to my favorite spa and cough medicine! :)
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