Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Works for Me- My Very Favorite Ask You a Question Edition!

I love asking questions. Newbie moms like me need all the help we can get!

In November's edition of Works for Me Backwards Edition I asked how to lay a baby down to sleep somewhere besides my lap. You all were so helpful with your suggestions! I used a swing and the playpen and routine, and within a few weeks it worked! Isabella will lay down on the floor, and in the playpen for naps and nighttime!

This month I have another question: how do you get melted crayon out of clothes? Twice my youngest boy has decided to hide a crayon in his pocket and twice an entire load of little boy clothes has been coated in spots of green and orange wax. I can't get it out either. Even if I scrape the wax off the stain remains. Is there anyway to remove crayon? Any stain removal secrets you could share with me? I definitely know to check their pockets now! ;)

My husband's take on stained kids clothes is too funny, he says, "pretend they just did it today and it won't bother you!" I just can't stand seeing those little bright stains in random places. Can you help me?
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