Friday, January 18, 2008

You Know You're a Dave Fan if...

You know you're a Dave Ramsey fan/frugal zealot if...

You refuse to pay for a happy meal.

You stand at the register with four people behind you and wait for the manager over 50 cents.

Your child wears secondhand underwear handed down from his older brother.

Your husband puts in requests for free CVS items.

Every time you take a picture of an object your 4 year old asks if you are selling it.

You pick out hair products, candy, and medicine at CVS specifically for Christmas gifts. :)

Your find your kids putting their entire room contents in the hallway because they are going to sell them since they don’t need them anymore.

Your brother saves plastic bags for you as a present (and joke ;).

You admire every 13 year old Honda minivan you see and wish you had their car payment.
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