Our Free Swing Set

A couple of weeks ago I was scanning for freebies on Craigslist (under "Free") and saw this swing set for free in our local area. I quickly emailed the person and by that afternoon we had a free swing set in our backyard!

We have looked at swing sets in the past but they were definitely out of our price range- even the Walmart cheap one was $200!

The swing set isn't perfect or brand new, but my kids certainly don't care, it works! It has a slide, a toddler swing, a small swing, a carriage swing and a see-saw.

You never know what God will provide for you- and for free!

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Monica said...

That is great! Just a reminder that God can provide anything. Your kids look like they are having a great time.

Kim said...

Awww...you have such beautiful kids! This is my first time visiting your blog and I've enjoyed it quite a bit. Congrats on the swing set!

Hearts And Home said...

Congrats on your great find! I have found that over all kids are not nearly as picky as adults, I am sure they will enjoy it for years!

Kimber said...

that's awesome ! I'm so excited for yoU!!

S.B. said...

That's wonderful you got a free swingset!

Niki said...

how wonderful!

our son just got a swingset from his grandparents and it is going to provide countless hours of fun...that in itself is a blessing!