Stretching Eggs

When I cook scrambled eggs for a hungry man and two growing boys, I could easily use the whole dozen to feed them. An egg is like one bite for them!

So, when I make scrambled eggs, alone or in easy breakfast tacos, I add milk or half and half (if I have some) to the eggs to make them go further (further, farther- isn't further right? After three babies I can't remember!).

I usually add about 1/2 cup for 8 eggs, and they come out super fluffy and taste just the same. You could experiment with this and add more or less depending on taste.

For more frugal tips, check out Crystal's blog.


Kate said...

That is a good tip. I also like to add a little cheese to ours if we some extra. That also helps to stretch them.

I love your blog. I'm looking forward to looking around some more!

Sonshine said...

I do this when I don't have an audience while I am cooking eggs!! I did it once with an audience and got asked LOTS of questions as to why I was doing "that"!

I haven't done this in a while...Thanks for the reminder!!

Thanks for stopping by "my place" today. :)

Mary Ann said...

My mom always added cracker crumbs to her scrambled eggs (2 saltine crackers per egg)along with some milk and any chopped up veggies or meat, then add some cheese at the end. Yum! It's my favorite way to eat scrambled eggs and it also stretches it some and is heartier.

Niki said...

my hubby always does this and i think the fluffiness adds to the overall taste and appearance too...great blog!

Sara said...

that's a great tip - and the answer for further/farther is further. farther only applies when there is a geographical distance involved. Just had to comment as I'm a grammar nerd.

Anonymous said...

Adding water stretches them and makes them fluffy too. I saw that on a cooking show.

Mom2fur said...

LOL, you are right--'further' is the correct word. 'Farther' refers to distance you can measure. Just remember: when you walk a mile's distance, you walk 'far,' not 'fur'!