Never Say Never.

I am learning to stop saying never.

Like, "I'll never have children until I am at least 28."

I am 25 and have three already.

Or, "I'll never let my kids wear wrinkled clothes in public."

Uh huh, that one is so dead. Wrinkled? That means it's clean, right?

Or this one:

"I'll never drive a mini-van."

We are now the proud owners of this pretty little paid-for-with-cash baby:

And I absolutely love it! The kids can get in all by themselves, no lifting or crawling needed! I still put Isabella in, but she's right by the door now and it's so easy!

We sold our newer, much more expensive SUV so we can get out of debt. Only a little while and a bit more work, and we will be debt-free! We are working on becoming completely debt-free, including the house. It feels good to no longer have a car payment, and we feel like we upgraded our car since the new van has leather, sunroof, and a power door! I am so very grateful to whoever thought of a power sliding door! We already use it all the time.

If you are resisting the minivan too, spare yourself the misery now and go and get one- you won't regret it. :)


Devika Varma said...


Devika Varma said...

Even I learnt it the hard way, lol.
After my undergraduate studies, I said to my friends and family that I will never study again, it is such a hard work at school majoring in Physics, and I wanted to work. I went on working full time but after one year, the Lord lead me to do graduate studies. Joined school again and I decided never to enter school after my convocation. I got married and was a stay at home wife for one year, now the Lord is leading me to do Ph.D with scholarship, I will be starting school in a few months! Never say never, learnt it the hard way :)