Friday, December 05, 2008

How Quickly They Grow and Make You Laugh

Noah, my 3 1/2 year old is growing up. You notice the growing so much more with the first one because you are carefully watching their every move, but subsequent children enjoy a little less scrutiny I think. And so, it seems they often take you by surprise when they show signs of maturing. I was in Lowe's shopping for the hubby when such a moment happened to me.

As we placed our item on the counter to check out, the cashier said, "I bet Santa Claus is going to come see you for Christmas!" My children looked at her with blank stares and said nothing, so she repeated it two more times in the course of checking us out. And still no response from the boys, just blank stares and half smiles, like why does this lady keep saying that?

I smiled too, said nothing about Santa and we thanked her and left the store. As we walked out the door, Noah whispered to me,

"Mommy, that lady thinks Santa Claus is real!"

I couldn't stop laughing all the way to the car. It's fun being a mommy.
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