Amazing Once a Month Cooking Resource!

I haven't done OAMC before, but since we got a new to us freezer in January, I have been trying to stock it before the baby comes. I stumbled upon Once a Month Mom, where they have complete menus, grocery lists, instructions and even LABELS!! What an incredible find- and it's all free! Be sure to check it out! I linked directly to the June menu so you can see what they have to offer. How awesome are those two mommas that put all that together!

Baby Avalie is almost here!!

Only 37 more days until this little one is supposed to arrive! I am so excited and ready to meet her! We will have two boys and two girls in just a little over a month. The fourth pregnancy is really funny because you really don't think much about being pregnant. I've been pregnant for nearly three years at this point! :) This pregnancy has been so very easy and enjoyable, yet somehow I am ready to be done with it and meet my little girl. Here's to hoping that the next 4-6 weeks go by quickly!