Friday, June 17, 2011

Office Before and After Reveal!

My favorite part of any home renovation is seeing the before and after-
the big reveal.

And can I tell you, it's even more exciting when it's your own home!

Here's our office before:

Sage green, brown trim, and brown painted floors.


drum roll, please...



I love it!! My favorite part is the desk- it was $5!! :) Right after that, the armoire for $20! You should have seen them before I repainted them- they were a mess, but they were cheap!

 The yellow desk chair was $12, and the green chair was $40, both thrifted.  They are definitely some of my favorite yard sale finds ever.

And then the Kim Parker prints steal the show and pull it all together (from Marshalls, $17 each)!

We repainted the floor with oil-based porch and deck paint from Lowe's, and added the chalkboard wall inspired by Jones Design Company (which I totally adore!). The trim painting took forever and what felt like 18 coats to cover up the brown, but wow, what a difference it made!

 It seems like an entirely different room now. It's now my happy place in the house.

I really love this home remodeling stuff.

And I guess it's a good thing that I do, since we have a house built in 1895 and it needs plenty more of it!   At this point we only have about six more rooms to go! The light at the end of the tunnel! Well, sort of. {check out more before pics and read the story of our house here}

I'm thinking I might just stay in the office until we finish the rest of the house.

I love it that much.

That'd be okay, right?

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