Thursday, July 14, 2011

it's cleaning day!

Thursday's have recently become cleaning day for us. We all work on the house for a couple of hours before lunch, and it's been pretty awesome to get it (mostly) all done at one time. 

 Here are my absolute favorite cleaning tools:
The Shark Steam Mop and the Shop-Vac.

I couldn't live without them! Without them I would actually have to sweep with a broom and clean with a regular mop! Imagine that! :) Life just wouldn't be the same. It would be a lot slower. :) I'm estimating here, but I think they literally cut the time I spend on my floors in half. The shop-vac has been a lifesaver- I just roll it around the house and vacuum both the hardwoods and the rugs! It even picks up stray legos. I might be the only person who has a shop-vac as part of their home decor!  (Thank you Abbie for the tip!)

Another life saver for vacuuming the crevices in the stairs- a must have for any family with kids:
I got this baby at GW last year for $25!! A Dyson! I couldn't believe it. 
It was a Target surplus item, brand spankin' new, still in the packaging! Another top-10 thrifted item!

Ahhhh- clean floors!!! Does that make anyone else as happy as it does me?

Yay, a clean bathroom sink!!

Then, on to the dishes:
I believe that means we are really good
friends if you've seen my dirty dishes. :)

Before finishing the dishes, I whipped up a quick batch of the best brownies- topped with chocolate chip cookies(!) for Bible study Sunday. It was the first time I used my convection oven for baking. 
It's awesome!  

Lunch time!

Then puzzles for the kids:

And this week's Laundry Devotion recording for me! 
Hope you're having an awesome Thursday!
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