Tuesday, July 26, 2011

our very old house + more before pics! {part 2}

the girl's room
Read {part 1} here.

It was the house of our dreams. At an unbelievable price. And the timing couldn't be anything but God's doing.

We had committed to doing what God wanted for us. And if we chose the house, it meant that we wouldn't be going ahead with the new business venture like we had planned.

But there was that one issue in the whole thing that made us pray harder than we ever had. And it wasn't giving up the new business.

the master bedroom- maybe a parlor in 1895?
The house was in a neighborhood we would have never considered before, surrounded by lower-income apartments and houses. It was a neighborhood everyone warned us against.

The house was amazing, but if it came down to safety, it wouldn't be an option. At least that's what we thought at first.

We wanted God's will to happen more than anything. Our long term goal was to become foreign missionaries. We'd felt that desire since we were first married, in fact, our plans were to pay off our consumer debt (which we did in 2008), and create an ongoing income so that we could make short-term trips then transition to full-time missionary work.

As we prayed about the house, we felt that God was telling us if we truly wished to be missionaries, how could we go to a dangerous foreign land to tell other people about Jesus if we couldn't be faithful to do the very same thing in slightly questionable neighborhood in a nice town, in a safe and comfortable country?

If we didn't trust God for our personal safety, then did we really trust Him at all?

the boys room- and basketball court floor!
We felt God had given us the exact house we needed- at the price we could afford (lower than any rent, even!), so that we could do His will- telling people around us about Jesus. We were to be lights for Him in a neighborhood full of people without jobs, without cars, and without money.

We had never seen God's hand move so visibly in our life. We prayed for months before that our house would sell in His timing, that we would make wise decisions, and live for Him instead of our own desires. And He guided us right off of our own path and directed us to what He wanted for us.

We saw it one business day after it went on the market, and we were the first to put an offer on the house. It took days to hear back from the bank if they had accepted our offer. I would have been so stressed before, but I had the most unusual peace about the house. If it was supposed to be ours, it would be ours. Our God is bigger than all of this, we thought. And if He doesn't want us to have this house, we don't want it in the least.

the upstairs landing
A few days later, we got the exciting news that the house was ours! We were so blown away. It was incredible. It was so providential- so not our own doing. Nothing had ever gone so smoothly for us like buying this house did. It was just so amazing to see God's work in our life. I still get chill bumps thinking about it!

The dates lined up so crazily (perfectly!), that we had one day to move out of the other house and into the new one.

And then the work began. Our first project was the main bathroom...

this was taken after a little remodeling-
imagine no wall, and no door header.
also after we put in a new sink/cabinet.
it had an oak cabinet/sink combo that was falling apart.

Next week- more of the story and the big bathroom reveal! :)
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