Wednesday, July 20, 2011

{what i wore this week} before and after edition!

It's Wednesday already?! My goodness, how the weeks do fly! 

This week I thought I would show you a little WIWW before and after action!

Here is what I normally looked like before WIWW. Pretty much all day, every day. My philosophy was that I exercise in the evening, so I might as well wear the same clothes and save on laundry! This pic was taken after teaching BodyPump and a spin class. If it weren't taken on my iPod, you'd see I'm completely drenched in sweat! My poor husband. He claims it doesn't bother him, but that's exactly why I love him! It was really bad! :)

Here's the after! Much better! (and smells better too! heheh!)
 Thank you, Lindsey!

Dress- Mossimo/Goodwill (GW) $6, undershirt- Wet Seal,
 belt- American Eagle, shoes- vintage\GW, earrings, AE.

We had a picnic with friends on Friday! 
These were the only shots we got- we were having too much fun! ;)

Shirt- Ann Taylor Loft/GW-$3, skirt- Hollister/GW-$4, 
belt- GW, .99, sandals- A&F, flower pin- me

Saturday was super fun! 
We got to visit a vintage boutique and do some thrifting in another town! 
I loved this shop! I'll have to show you more pictures in another post. It was awesome.

Shirt- Old Navy/GW $3, Shorts- Old Navy/GW $4, 
belt-AE, earrings, J. Crew, $13

Sunday was HOT! That's pretty much all I remember about it! 
Is there such thing as heat-induced memory loss?
shirt- Target, skirt- Gap. bracelets- Forever 21, 
shoes- vintage pair of loveliness. my. favorite. ever. GW, $5

FYI, this post is sponsored by the biggest hair in Texas. 
Curly hair+humidity= bringing back the late 80's. The late 80's are so in. Yeah.

One last summer outfit of the week.
 I bet you couldn't tell blue is one of my favorite colors. 

Shirt- GW, $2, white shorts- Forever 21/GW $4, 
earrings, AE, necklace, Forever 21, $3!

Sometimes it's so hard to keep a straight face. :) 
It's a good thing my husband is a patient photographer!

So tell me, do you have a favorite color that dominates your closet? 

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