Wednesday, July 13, 2011

{what i wore this week} summer scorcher edition

To say "it's getting hot" is a bit of an understatement here in Texas- it's the summer of sweat! It's all about trying to embrace the "glow!" And stocking up on Secret. ;) 

This week, I grabbed my hubs to snap a few pics for me instead of trying to get a few of those what-do-I-do-with-this-camera self-portraits. :) I'm still trying to get used to taking WIWW pics! I remember reading other blogs out there and wondering why they said taking pictures of yourself felt kind of strange. Now I get it!! :) But it's all worth it so your husband will see you in something other than pj's, right? I'm sure he thinks so! 

One of my favorite summer outfits!
Shirt- Gadzooks (back when they were around!), earrings (Can you tell I love these?)- Goodwill, 
ribbon bracelet- me

white metallic shorts- Forever 21, Goodwill- which is now GW, $3 

Sandals- Roxy, Marshalls. 

Abbie invited me to a Girls Night In event, then we went to eat at Carino's and had our nice server take a picture of us! How fun is that? I even got to wear jeans! It's a rare and happy occasion here! I love girl's nights!

Shirt- Marshalls, $13-  Jeans- David Kahn/ GW, $7. Belt- American Eagle. Bracelet- JCPenney.

We accidentally wore the same shoes, which totally called for a pic of it's own. 
We must be friends or something. :)

Then there was a lunch date with the hubs-
Dress- Old Navy from GW.

One of my favorite "splurge" shoes. Gianni Bini, 70% off and they were still $26. Seriously, the most comfortable pair of wedges I've ever owned!! They have been worth every penny. I've worn them a ton!

Bird necklace- Forever 21, $3. Did you know they have the coolest inexpensive jewelry? I was so excited to find lots of vintage-style necklaces there!

 I feel so EmersonMade in this pic. I'm in love with her stuff!

Sunday...right before church.
 Shirt- Papaya, GW, $3, Skirt, Gap.

The infamous shoes. 
Payless online- several months ago. I saw a deal online a few months ago for Payless and went to look, they actually have really cute shoes! I was really surprised! I couldn't remember the last time I went there. 

necklace- GW, $1.
Flower Earrings- J.Crew, $13. I love them so much! Another one of my favorite investments!

Shoes and jewelry always seem like good investments to me!
  What are your favorite investment pieces?

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