Wednesday, July 27, 2011

{what i wore this week} tailored/jeans edition!

It was an awesome week in Texas- we had a rainy day that brought the temps down to the 80's, which means I got to wear jeans more than once! That's just exciting here! I love my jeans. 
Especially my Hudson's- they're my absolute favorite brand.
Are you brand loyal when it comes to jeans? I so am.

my favorite color and some jeans too!

top- Goodwill (GW, baby!), jeans- Gap/GW, $6, bird necklace- Forever 21, $3

 I was so happy to be able to wear my "new" old clothes that I tailored this week! 
They were way too big before I altered them.
(check out the before pics along with my tutorial on the easy way to tailor your jeans at home!)

top- clothes swap with friends 
jeans- Hudson's, $7 from GW 
(one of my all-time favorite things to do is to find 
my favorite $150 jeans for less than $8! wohoo!) 

 104 degrees again...back to shorts and dresses... :)

top- GW, $3, shorts- Old Navy, $3,
 bracelets- forever 21, GW, about $1 each.

 I loved the smocking on this one!

dress- free-clothes swap again! shoes- GW, $4

Our church sanctuary is freezing cold. 
I try to take advantage of that as much as possible! heheh

shirt- clothes swap, free 
jeans- GW, $7
belt- Target clearance, $3.50, bracelet- JCPenney 

I wore this dress to take the kids to play at McDonald's. 
I was standing in line and a lady came over to ask me what I do.
 Hey, I look like I have a job! Nice! 

dress- Ann Taylor Loft, $6 from GW  
undershirt- Walmart, $5
shoes- Payless, $14
belt- GW, $1
 necklace- GW, $1.29

And that's it!

 Did you get to wear jeans this week too? 

now please don't tell me yes, of course, the high is 80 every day where you live.
 I might cry...
then have to move in with you!

summer, please be over soon, ok? thanks. :)

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