Wednesday, July 06, 2011

What I Wore Wednesday!! ~first edition~

My first ever WIWW post! Yay! It was fun, but a more difficult challenge than I thought! I try to get a picture before I get all sweaty (since we aren't using an A/C here in Texas!). I normally wear the same cute flowy empire dress (way cooler than shorts, btw!) or workout clothes since I teach fitness classes in the afternoons, but thanks to the Pleated Poppy, my husband saw me in something other than those this week! :)

Getting a good self-portrait is hard! :) All the full length ones turned out grainy, so imagine a denim skirt and vintage heels with it!  Shirt- Goodwill, belt- Goodwill, denim skirt- Gap, earrings- Goodwill (brand new, LOL)

getting someone else to take them is way better! :) Shirt- Decree by JCPenney, flower pin- me, undershirt- Wet Seal, capris- Gap/Goodwill, Shoes- Mia/Goodwill, earrings- Goodwill (again, new), bracelet, clearance/JCPenney

Funny story about these clothes- my favorite post baby shirt was too big, and the pants were originally a light bleached color. I accidently sat on a permanent marker one of the kids kindly had opened and left uncapped while I was cleaning the office, and it left a huge orange stain on the pocket! I tailored the shirt, by a quick tucking seam, and cut off the extra, and I dyed the pants to cover up the stain. I would have normally have donated/thrown them out, but they were salvaged with a quick seam and a box of RIT! Yay for rescuing old favorites!

One last quick pic at the gym, right before changing to teach BodyCombat!

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