Tuesday, August 30, 2011

great weekend…and naps are awesome

I made it through the big weekend exercise fest! The two-day Les Mills exercise convention was such an amazing experience! I had such a good time!{Unfortunately, my best friend Abbie didn’t get to have quite as much fun as I did! Poor thing!}

Here are some pictures of the weekend:

Here we are before our first class, after getting up at 5 a.m. and driving 2 hours.


It was crazy! There were over 800 people exercising in one room! People love their Les Mills programs!


If you wanted a spot up front, here’s how close you had to be to each other:


Good thing we’re best friends!

We got to do a little weightlifting in BODYPUMP:


And I got to experience the most amazing group fitness class I’ve ever attended: BODYCOMBAT!

Here are the BODYCOMBAT presenters from New Zealand along with the U.S. trainers.


I loved.every.single.minute.of.it.

We lined up early to get to the front of the room, and we made it to the 1st and 2nd row! We only had to use a few of our combat moves to get there. ;)

We got to take in a little education session after each class.


and even got to take a pic with the super-cool directors.


And here’s one of our gym’s team (minus two people):


Oh, so much fun! I love my team!

Yesterday, I recovered from the weekend with a two hour nap after we did our homeschooling and grocery shopping. I’ve decided naps will now be mandatory every day of the week. I’ll let you know how that goes. ;)

Hope you’re having a great Tuesday!

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