Wednesday, August 31, 2011

{what i wore this week} busy life edition

Lovely life! I’ve been busier than ever! It’s been interesting t0 have every moment planned out! I’ve never had to do that before, but for the last few weeks we’ve been going non-stop! In fact, this WIWW could almost be called the restaurant edition. :)
Restaurant #1- We were taking advantage of coupons we had for On the Border. My hubs loves that place! OTB did make a nice bright background for the wardrobe pics. I have no doubt the people walking in thought we were crazy!
shirt- Goodwill/GW $3, pants- Roxy @ GW $7, shoes- Jessica Simpson @ Marshall's $20
My new $2 vintage Goodwill bracelet. I found out why the person gave it away. It fell apart three times taking this picture. I was like,
“quick honey take a picture before it falls off again!” And it would fall off before he was ready.
Thus, the hand in the pocket. I had to be very still. :P
Restaurant #2- Carino’s for my daughter’s 4th birthday! This was the night before I got up at 5 a.m. for the exercise convention, so we went out instead of having everyone over for dinner. It was lovely. The downlighting not so much.
shirt- American Eagle, $7, pants, Lauren Conrad, GW $7, shoes, Roxy @ Marshall's, $20
And my weekend uniform: black Nike clothes and the name tag the staff insisted you wear everywhere, but actually served no real purpose. Tucking it in during combat was a little difficult. :)
{I did manage a few variations with my black, which you can see here!}
And here’s Monday’s outfit- still recovering from the weekend!
Shirt- Old Navy, $11, skirt- Ann Taylor Loft @ GW, $4, shoes- G. Bini, $26

Come back tomorrow for a new laundry devotion!
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