Wednesday, August 17, 2011

{what i wore this week} anniversary & giveaway edition

It's been a busy week! It's been a very special one though, because:

1. I took Lindsey's challenge, and mixed patterns twice last week! That was fun!

2. We celebrated our 9th anniversary last week! {we've almost made it to a decade! I can't believe it!}

and...most exciting {sorry, honey- I love you!}

3. I got to wear my very first "elizabeth" sash this week {squeal!} and there's a little surprise for you guys with this one!

I'll start with #1! 

Lindsey dared us to mix it up with multiple patterns- totally out of the norm for me! I like patterns but usually only wear one at a time.

So I eased into it feet first.

skirt- Gap $20, top- Target $4,
 shoes- payless, $14, necklace- AE- $5
polka-dots and floral shoes! That totally counts, right?

and then I got the patterns a little closer in proximity {yay me!}

Shirt-- goodwill (GW), $3, pants- GW $7
belt- GW, $1, shoes- Gap
see, polka-dots and floral again- this time, it's the belt!
now it's getting a little crazy.

I had to return to single pattern outfits for a few days to recover after that one.

shirt- Target, $4 skirt- GW, $4,
necklace- GW, $1
I tried again on our anniversary date- multiple patterns on one garment count, right? {maybe??}

Here's #2 on my list- our 9th anniversary! 

Now before I tell you this story, I have a disclaimer- I promise, we really aren't this cheap.

So, you know you've been married nine years when you both agree on your big date that you'd rather not go sit at another restaurant and pay $5 for a single piece of cake, plus a tip, when you can pay $5 for a whole one at the grocery store instead. After nine years, we are so on the same page. Love it. 

Well, we weren't going to make it in time for a movie, so after the grocery store, we decided to go to McDonald's to buy a drink. We sat down, and I jokingly pulled out the iPod to watch Netflix.

And it totally worked.

We watched a movie for free at McDonald's.

 I kid you not. 

Next time I'll bring the headphones, but really it was pretty quiet in the playland at 10:45. 

Though I'd have to say I was a little overdressed wearing this number.

dress- GW, $6, shoes- Payless, $13

I love that man. We were made for each other!

I can't even imagine where we'll go on our 20th anniversary.


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