Tuesday, September 13, 2011

entryway reveal + pics and details!

I’m so excited to share a little more of our house with you today!

We’ve covered the office and the main bathroom so far, and now we’re moving on to the main room in our home! We just finished remodeling it this spring, and I still have a few more details to decorate as I find good deals, but it’s so nice to have a completed living room! It’s been a challenge to remodel such an old home, but I love that it is one of the oldest homes in our city. {we have an awesome story behind it if you want to catch up!}

I’m starting in our entryway today to give you a little taste of the living room reveal that’s coming next week! I’m really excited about that one too! :)

Here’s our entryway in all it’s 116-year-old glory!


These pictures were taken after the big remodel- repainting and floor refinishing- all of which was done by my sweet husband. I helped with the painting {the color is Sea Salt by Sherwin Williams- love it!}, but he did the most work by far on those floors. He’s amazing!

I love the transom window and the original oak floors. LOVE.them. I wasn’t sure what color I wanted the front door to be, but I really love the two-toned cream and white look! We open the transom window to let a breeze blow through when it’s cool outside.


To the left of the door, my thrifted $7 Pier One director’s chair and eBay Target pillow. I used a coupon from Pier One to buy a brand new set of chair covers for a total of $2.50, and the pillow was $8 last year on eBay. If you’re looking for a particular Target item, you might just be able to find it cheaper on eBay! It’s always worth a try! Chair total- $17.50!


and to the right of the door, Ms. Fanny Manny is ready and waiting to take your coat.


Ok, it’s crazy, I’ve moved that dress form all over my house! The really funny thing is that it scares the mess out of both of us when we walk by! If you just see it in your peripheral vision it looks like a real person! And then it’s always in a new spot, so it really takes us by surprise every.single.time. :P

I bought Ms. Manny at HomeGoods last month and I can’t wait to announce here on the blog why I brought her home and when you can see her in person!
{I’m just full of teasers today, huh? ;)}

We didn’t refinish the door, and I’m pretty sure we won’t. I love how many times it’s been kicked, the sweet old white door knob, and the rich color the whole door has. There are so many cool things about living in a home that’s been lived in for over a century!

Moving along the entry wall- here’s my favorite spot in our house right now!


I got the buffet for $90 at Goodwill. Seriously. Amazing. I feel like it was a gift from the Lord. I was looking and looking and never found a single buffet I liked for less than $250. I was so excited to get an antique for $90!

Candle sticks- thrifted, books- thrifted, pretty Jane Austen book collection from Barnes and Noble, $20. Globe, a $20 splurge from HomeGoods but I know I will use it for homeschooling too. ;) Frames- $1/ thrifted and $3/ Wal-Mart.


Basket- $3/thrifted, book- $2/thrifted. Our Bibles stay in here too.



Lamp, $5/thrifted, candlestick, $4 thrifted, vintage book page family name- from my micahsixeight shop. Wal-Mart scentsy {so nice to leave on!}- $15


One more close up of the buffet! I use the drawers and cabinets for craft and toy storage. Legos always go back in here for the sake of my sanity! :)


And that completes the entryway tour! I hope you enjoyed it! :)


next week: the full living room reveal with before and after pics!!

coming up tomorrow: {what i wore this week}

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