September 7, 2011

{what i wore this week} fall, i love you edition

the most amazing thing happened in Texas this week:

we got a break from the heat!

Our low’s dropped to the high 50’s, and our high temps have been in the mid-80’s. Never in my entire 28 years have I been so happy about the weather changing!

Lower temperatures+September 1st= breaking out the fall clothes!

{close enough, right?}

Leaving August behind meant I said goodbye to peaches and cream and strappy bright sandals:

shirt- A&F, $10, jeans- Gap/Goodwill (GW), $7 ,
shoes- Payless- $14, necklace- GW, $1.29, earrings- GW ,$2


and hello to rich purples and reds…


shirt- AE/GW, $4, jeans- GW, $7, shoes- Payless $14
necklace- GW, $1.29, earrings- GW $2


dark pumpkin oranges, stripes and trouser jeans…

shirt- Ross, old, necklace- AE, trousers- Roxy/GW, $7
shoes- GW, $5

deep magenta and saddle colored leathers…

shirt- Gap, birthday present from a
friend, belt- Target, $3,
jeans- BKE/GW, $7, shoes- Ann Taylor Loft, $16


cool breezes, army greens and cognac boots… yes!! boots!!!

dress- Old Navy/GW, $4, jeans- AE/GW, $6, belt, AE
boots- Cole Haan eBay splurge!, earrings- NY&Co, necklace- GW, $1.29


why yes, I did pull out the boots,
thank you very much cool breeze. :)

and grays, polka-dots, reds, and chunky necklaces!


dress- Target, $15, shoes- GW, $4

As they say in Texas, if you don’t like the weather, wait five minutes and it will change… well, I’m soaking up every single bit of this five minutes!

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  1. wohoooo!!!! I'm so excited for you! I cannot WAIT to see it! so much fun!! I hope you post it! :D

  2. I FINALLY found a dress to pair with jeans!!! You totally inspired me to step out of my comfort zone! I wore it today to go shopping and felt amazing! :) I think I might have to post my very first What I Wore post this week! :)

  3. Love your blog...I check it out everyday along with the pleated poppy....trying to get the courage up to do WIWW. Maybe one day :) Love, love, love your hair

  4. I really love your style! Great looks! =) I esp. love the tunic and boots.

  5. Great style and your hair is gorgeous!

  6. Love all these fall colors... you have inspired some color combos for me! :) And you sure got some great deals! :)

  7. Aww, love it! Heheee- I love to thrift so I always end up giving some of them away in a girls summer and winter clothes swap! You could come steal as many as you wanted! :)

  8. Happy Wednesday to you too! Thanks for stopping in! I just love the WIWW community! So much fun to get to know each other! :)

  9. Oh thank you! You're so sweet! I'm glad you had a chance to visit and look around the site! Comments like yours are always so encouraging! :)

  10. aww thank you!! I love jewel tones- so excited to wear fall colors again!

  11. Thanks!! Target is the best, isn't it? :)

  12. Thanks!! So glad you stopped in!

  13. aww, thank you for stopping by to visit!! :)

  14. :D I bet you could do it, maybe you're waiting for just the right dress to come along! funny thing, I was a late adapter to the dress/jeans combo but I totally love it now! Thank you for your sweet comments!! :)

  15. thanks for stopping by!! :)

  16. Hey has anyone ever told you that you have beautiful hair? Haha! Seriously though, loving the outfits. I *love* that you paired the Old Navy dress with jeans...I could never do it 'cause of my hips, but it works great on you!

  17. Love your outfits! I love how you have worn those colors with your fabulous hair!

  18. Love the purple and red look! It screams fall.

  19. Wow. #1 I LOVE your hair. It is AWESOME. #2 I would like to steal your clothes. It's like my style but a little dressed up. #3 I appreciate your thriftiness.

  20. I love all the bright colours, the purple top rocks. And the last dress is awesome.

  21. You look beautiful! Those deep jewel tones look amazing with your hair!

  22. you are gorgeous! I'm thinking any outfit would look great on you :)
    Love love your hair!

  23. I love your color combinations

  24. Hi there! Stopping by from What I Wore Wednesday and I'm so glad I did! Thanks for the fall inspiration and WOW girl, your hair is gorgeous!!!

    Happy Wednesday to you!


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