Wednesday, September 07, 2011

{what i wore this week} fall, i love you edition

the most amazing thing happened in Texas this week:

we got a break from the heat!

Our low’s dropped to the high 50’s, and our high temps have been in the mid-80’s. Never in my entire 28 years have I been so happy about the weather changing!

Lower temperatures+September 1st= breaking out the fall clothes!

{close enough, right?}

Leaving August behind meant I said goodbye to peaches and cream and strappy bright sandals:

shirt- A&F, $10, jeans- Gap/Goodwill (GW), $7 ,
shoes- Payless- $14, necklace- GW, $1.29, earrings- GW ,$2


and hello to rich purples and reds…


shirt- AE/GW, $4, jeans- GW, $7, shoes- Payless $14
necklace- GW, $1.29, earrings- GW $2


dark pumpkin oranges, stripes and trouser jeans…

shirt- Ross, old, necklace- AE, trousers- Roxy/GW, $7
shoes- GW, $5

deep magenta and saddle colored leathers…

shirt- Gap, birthday present from a
friend, belt- Target, $3,
jeans- BKE/GW, $7, shoes- Ann Taylor Loft, $16


cool breezes, army greens and cognac boots… yes!! boots!!!

dress- Old Navy/GW, $4, jeans- AE/GW, $6, belt, AE
boots- Cole Haan eBay splurge!, earrings- NY&Co, necklace- GW, $1.29


why yes, I did pull out the boots,
thank you very much cool breeze. :)

and grays, polka-dots, reds, and chunky necklaces!


dress- Target, $15, shoes- GW, $4

As they say in Texas, if you don’t like the weather, wait five minutes and it will change… well, I’m soaking up every single bit of this five minutes!

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