Wednesday, September 28, 2011

{what i wore this week} pc & primary colors edition


This has been the week of big blogging posts and lots of computer work! I think I’ve spent most of my free time in front of my laptop since last Thursday. All by choice, of course! It’s all for fun! :D

First there was the video/multimedia post I did on Monday about OneVerse! {you guys should check it out- did you know 340 million people don’t have the Bible in their language?}

Then, there was the huge living room reveal yesterday! Crazy stuff- it’s so exciting to see the finished product!

So anyway, the old laptop and I have been likethis lately. In fact, I can’t really remember the weekend…haha, well, I guess the major cold I had could’ve contributed to that too!

I think there was some laundry folding, some thrifting, lunches with the family, lots of picture editing for a couple friend, a yoga class I taught in there… yeah, it’s all coming back to me now! Okay, so I did more than I thought! {btw, do you ever feel like that? Forget you did anything until you write out a list? Or maybe it’s what happens after four pregnancies?!}

I did try to dress up so my PC would think I looked cute though! I think my friend hp liked this one the best this week! ha!

{ok, the hubs liked this one the best too}:

shirt- Goodwill/GW, $4, pants- GW, $7, shoes- Giani Bini, GW, $7

Last week I was in love with my blue shoes, and this week it’s yellow! My bright red heels are my third favorite pair. Hmmmm….I guess I like primary colors…with hearts and bows and high heels? Funny.

skirt- Nordstrom/GW, $4, shirt- Target, shoes- GW- $5, necklace- GW, $1.29

Strange how it always ends up being a windy day every time I wear a flowy skirt like this one. I could almost become a weather girl with that kind of precision!


And then little more yellow here- with a glimpse of the living room right after Bible study.

Shirt- from JcPenney {another self-tailoring project}, jeans- Hudson/Goodwill, $7, shoes- Target, don’t remember?

These lacy little earrings were originally from Target, and sold new at Goodwill for $2.


And then a little out of the norm for me- a red peasant shirt!  With my hair the color it is, I never wear red {well, unless it’s a belt or shoes!}. I liked it though. What do you think? Does the red on red clash?

shirt- Goodwill, $4, pants- Gap Outlet, heels- Steven Madden/GW, $5, earrings- GW, $2, bracelet- GW, $1


And that just about covers it for this week!

coming up:
{fitness on friday}
finding your sweet spot series part 4- exercising outdoors!


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