Wednesday, September 14, 2011

{what i wore this week} reconsidering fashion edition

This week my view of fashion got turned on it’s head. Oh my goodness. I thought the hubs and I were on the same page when it came to what looked cute on me.

I thought we both loved outfits like these:

funky plaids with lots of jewelry…

shirt- AE/GW $4, pants- Gap $7, shoes- Gianni Bini, eBay, $8, bracelet, JCPenney


and cute polka-dots and skinny jeansIMG_2638
shirt- $4 GW, pants- AE/GW, $6, shoes- Dillards, $28, belt- Target, $4


even dressy tees with metallic shoes and headbands…


shirt- GW $4, pants- GW $7, flats- Gap, $10

and vintage belts and heels in bright red…

shirt- Goodwill, $4, pants- AE/GW $7, shoes- $4 GW, belt- $1/GW

and last week, I discovered this is what my husband actually likes:

shirt- Hawaii, jeans- hudson’s refashioned, shoes- Steve Madden, $11

t-shirts and jeans and flats.

I was all ready with my cute clothes for the day, and then changed into a t-shirt and jeans to do some mopping and cleaning. I walked out and he told me in all seriousness for the first time I can ever remember, “You look so cute! That’s definitely my most favorite outfit of all you’ve ever worn.”



I looked down again to see what I had on, and looked back up to him to see if he was joking. And then I looked down again. It wasn’t that adorable red skirt or my high heels that I’d planned to wear, or the cute clothes and accessories I’d worn for the past few weeks in an effort to impress my sweet husband.

It was a black t-shirt and jeans.

Seriously. What’s a girl to do when she’s been given the highest clothing compliment ever by her hubs?

She wears her t-shirt and jeans for rest of the day.


Nothing special here. But he loves it….?

I’m looking for a motive…maybe it was that the t-shirt was from our last vaca to Kauai? and he’s fondly recalling the great time we had there?

Or…maybe {wishful thinking here} I look young again and it reminds him of our youth?


or…. I don’t know.

maybe he’s just a t-shirt and jeans guy.


I clearly have some thinking to do.

And I suppose a couple of t-shirts to buy.

I have like two.

I’m not a fan of t-shirts.

But I guess I will try to become one??

oh. my.

What would you do? Is there a happy medium between t-shirts and cute clothes? Ideas, anyone? I’m in trouble.

Help. Please.

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