Tuesday, October 11, 2011

day 11: thrifting your party {31 days of thrifting}

I mentioned yesterday that I hosted a bridal shower last weekend, and today I thought I’d share a few more thrifting finds and maybe give you a few money-saving ideas for throwing a shower on a budget!

I’ve been collecting serving pieces since we moved into our home last year, and it’s actually been a fun challenge to see what I can save by buying used!

One of my favorite serving finds is this two-tiered silver server for $5. I’d been looking for something with multiple tiers, and couldn’t find anything pretty at a store for less than $20, so I was super happy to find the vintage version!


I added two tones of tissue paper to the bottom for a pop of color! The table runner is a colorful piece of fabric I loved, and it was just a few dollars for a yard at the fabric store.

The forks are in a tiny vintage silver trophy from Goodwill, $2. The cloche/cheese plate was originally an ugly oak, and deep teal spray paint came to the rescue {again!} for $2.

The cake stand is actually a $4 candle holder and a $1.25 plastic bronze charger, both from Target {not thrifted, but probably as cheap!}.

This big serving plate was $3 at Goodwill, and I added a $4 candle holder from Target underneath to make another stand! I thought it worked out well. I always love varying the height of my serving dishes to create visual interest.

I bought the scalloped white milk glass bowl on the right for $4 at a local flea market.

The turquoise plate stand was originally from Target {and originally black too}, $10, and the white plates are Mikasa’s French Countryside pattern- a super find from Craigslist {but more on those later!}.

The silver-rimmed chip bowl was thrifted, $3, and the vase was from Target, $2.48. I added flowers from Sam’s Club for $5 to make the centerpiece for the table.

I baked a quick batch of double chocolate brownie cookies the night before the shower and added pink rosettes by swirling the icing tip in a circle from the center to the outside. Oh, how I love icing! Yum.

A simple basket, $2 from Goodwill, held the cups and marker, and the bride’s gifts from us were engagement pictures I took and framed. I added them to the drink table and the gift table to make the shower a little more personal.


I loved how $5 begonias brought even more color to the table.

I don’t feel bad for spending money on plants that will last, so if I can, I try to buy affordable potted ones that I can reuse later!


Ah, bridal showers are fun! I hope you enjoyed the table tour! :D

How do you make hosting parties more affordable? We are hosting my eight year-old son’s birthday party this month too, so I’m all ears!


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