Wednesday, October 12, 2011

day 12: dressy and casual thrifted outfits {31 days of thrifting}

Last week was fun, so I put together a few more thrifted outfits for you today!

I’ve got three thrifted ensembles for you: dressy, casual, and in between!

the casual outfit:


I bet you’re thinking, “hey, that’s not a thrift store!” Heheh, why you are correct…

We were at IKEA, and from the looks we got, apparently the only people that have ever pulled out the camera to take outfit pictures there…

The top is a Goodwill find, $2, the jeans are American Eagle/GW, $6, and the earrings were from GW, $2. The shoes were a Target clearance {$7} a year or two ago- and then I saw them at GW the same year for a higher price!

The scarf is from American Eagle {an early birthday present to myself! ha!} that I bought retail {ahh- I know!} for $7.50. Seeing my dream scarf for 25% of it’s original price made my day!

I think adding a few inexpensive pretty accessories {thrifted or not} can take a cute thrifted outfit and make it fabulous.

total cost: $24.50

Here’s the outfit with more non-thrifted layers, just for fun!  Adding a pop of color with a $5 Target bag and layering in a $8 sweater made the look a little more fall!


I was holding the mustard yellow camera bag, and the hubs is like, “are you going to wear that thing?” And he snapped this shot. Which is totally hilarious to me, because before I started blogging he had absolutely no opinion on what I wore!

I thought my bag was cute- it had a white rolled flower too! I guess mustard is not his favorite color. It made me laugh, and I took it off for him for the next pic. ;)

You can see how I wore the blue top sans accessories along with more thrifted outfits over here.

the dressy outfit:


I got to wear this one to a birthday lunch with a friend last week. Any excuse to dress up a little is a good one, right? :D

The silk shirt with the rosettes is Bebe from Goodwill, $4, the trousers are Roxy from GW, $7, the leather heels are a vintage pair from Italy/GW, $5. The earrings were $2 from GW.

total outfit cost: $18

I love pink, but I never wear it because of my hair.
This shirt just makes me smile.

and in between:

A thrifted knit free people dress for $6, with Steve Madden leather shoes, $5, and another $2 pair of new GW earrings. This dress is awesome for wearing around the house, and for going out for dinner too. Anything that’s comfortable and cute scores bonus points with me!

total outfit cost: $13

The lovely thing about thrifting is that you can find almost anything you’re looking for- dressy, casual, or comfortable for so much less than a retail store.

thrifting tip #8:

use accessories to take your thrifted clothing across seasons.

A pair of earrings, a cozy cardigan, or a vintage scarf can make your favorite thrifted tank top work in the fall, and a simple white long-sleeved shirt underneath paired with jeans and boots could make it work for the winter season.

Letting your accessories change your outfits saves you money and allows you to wear the clothing you love year-round!

Really, no matter where you shop, accessories can work their magic on thrifted and retail clothes alike- don’t you agree? :D


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Kelli- AdventurezNchildRearing said...

these are really fun and that pink is the right color of pink for you- it doesn't clash with your hair at all - I think if you're careful, you can certainly wear pink! looks great-

mandyBH said...

I love Goodwill too- I feel the same!! Thank you for reading along with me {us!}! heehee

mandyBH said...

thank you Mary! :D

mandyBH said...

Awesome! love that idea!! how cool!

mandyBH said...

Thank you Elise! :D you are so sweet!

mandyBH said...

Thanks girlie! It's one of my faves too! :D

mandyBH said...

:D Thank you!! Yay for curly hair!

mandyBH said...

Awesome! Thank you for stopping by! you are so sweet! :D

mandyBH said...

Aww, thank you! :D

mandyBH said...

Oh, thank you!! :D I know it does get heavy! And hot too! lol! thanks for following! :)

Jen@mamaZEN said...

I love your hair! We actually have very similar hair, but yours is the length that I have always tried for but could never tolerate the weight of. I always chop it too early:(
New follower from WIWW :)

Aniaspassion said...

you always wear such cute outfits. I love the pink top, it is awesome.

Katie said...

Hey there! Stopping in from The Pleated Poppy. I just have to tell you, your hair is GORGEOUS!!!!! And I envy your thrifting skills! I really enjoyed all of your outfits and will be stopping by often for inspiration! :)

Beckyackroyd said...

Such cute outfits!!! I just love your hair. I have (brown) curly hair-I've been growing it out- I hope it looks as good as yours when it's long!!!!

HopefulLeigh said...

Love the free people dress!

Elise Frederickson said...

K, your hair is beautiful! And that pink rosette top is KILLER. Love it!

Katie said...

Love the outfits! I thrift too. I'm actually doing a "Shop My Closet" giveaway of some great items that I've recently found. I'd love for you to come on over and check it out!!

Katie @ Glamorous Without the Guilt

Mary said...

super cute outfits! ;)

Southern_Lissa said...

I am following you from Abbie's blog. You have great thrifting tips! I don't think I'd having anything but pajamas to wear if it weren't for Goodwill. ;o)

mandyBH said...

Yay! Thanks for stopping in! :D

Thelovelypoppy said...

love the outfits, just gorgeous!! i'm having a huge giveaway over at my blog ($100 with) and i'd love you to join!

Cecilliamarie said...

New follower to your blog :) I love these outfits!!

Hisglorygirl said...

Beautiful outfits! And I think the pink looks great with your hair! Love how you added up the total of all the outfits. That's something I always do in my head but haven't shared...yet!

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