Thursday, October 13, 2011

day 13: scooping up the bargains {31 days of thrifting}

Here’s one of my more unique thrifting finds:


It’s a 24 inch decorative ladle in a perfect blue-gray shade of teal!

Tell me, how often do you find those?

That’s what I asked myself after the manager rejected my attempt at bargaining. The small town Goodwill we’d visited liked to price their items a little higher than I was willing to pay.

They had this little pretty priced at $5. Not really that bad, especially considering that it’s the biggest spoon I’ve.ever.seen. Photos just don’t do it justice, but here it is beside an 8x10 picture so you can get an idea:


I was hoping she’d go down on the price to $3 or $4, but when I asked she gave me that lifted eyebrow that said “you’re not from around here, are you?” and said no, they’d just brought it out that day.

I shook my head and stared at it long and hard. Did I really need a $5 ladle for my kitchen?

I thought about it, and figured I might never have the chance to own another spoon that size… so I went for it!

I was really happy I did, because I have the perfect spot to hang it in my kitchen.

So what exactly do you do with a giant ladle until you remodel your kitchen and can hang it somewhere cool?

You keep it wherever it will fit… ;)

thrifting tip #9:

ask for a discount, especially on big ticket items.

What do you have to lose? Though the lady manager I mentioned was surprised, most managers in the thrifting world are used to cheap thrifters like us who want a discount.

Always politely ask a manager if they can go lower on the price of an item, keeping the number you’d be willing to pay in mind without saying it. If they go down, but not to what you wanted to pay, ask them if they could do your specific dollar amount. If they say yes- hey, you’ve got it! If they say they can’t go any lower, decide if you are willing to pay their asking price. Sweetly thank them and either take or leave the item.

If they won’t give you a discount at all, it’s not any different than if you never asked, right? You pay the sticker price that you were expecting.

See- nothing to lose. :D

So do you like to haggle at thrift stores too? Have you ever saved money that way- in thrift store or a retail one?


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