Monday, October 24, 2011

day 24: toasting retail prices {31 days of thrifting}

Can you believe we only have one more week of 31 days of thrifting?

Time is flying!

Speaking of flying, baking takes half the time when I use my convection oven. {haha! how’d you like that segue? ;)}

At the beginning of the summer {when it was like 100 degrees in May here!} I decided I needed to find a toaster oven to make quick meals- we weren’t using the a/c, so we were avoiding turning on the oven at all costs.

I was tempted to just go ahead and spring for a new one at Amazon:

But $60 {choke! *gasp*} was a little too much for me to spend on a countertop appliance.

So I waited instead, keeping my eyes out for one at the thrift store. We needed a big one that could hold enough food to feed our family, and I wanted it to have convection for baking, and to be pretty. Pretty high standards for a thrift store toaster oven.

So you can totally imagine I was thrilled when I found this a couple of weeks later:

A nearly new 6-slice convection oven for $7! Seven dollars!! Whoop!

It’s awesome. {as are the brownies marbled with cookies in the picture! ;)}

I’m so glad I waited and spent $7 instead of $60!

thrifting tip #14:

patience is your friend.

You’ve heard me say it before: in the thrifting world, you will rarely find what you are looking for right when you need it {which is the reason we plan ahead}.

But sometimes things break, and need to be replaced, or we don’t realize we need them in advance. Normally we would run to Wal-Mart or Target and pick one up right away. I’ve done it lots of times- it actually used to be just the way it was for us. I didn’t think I had a choice but to pay full price for that new soap dispenser. I needed it, so I bought it.

Here’s the thing- when I started thrifting I learned this very important lesson:
if you can be patient and hold off on buying an item for a few weeks, then search for it every time you thrift, you will probably find what you are looking for, or a good substitute at a substantially lower price than retail in a few weeks or less.

When you find your long-awaited item, trust me, you will be so ridiculously happy that your patience paid off! You might have to keep yourself from squealing or doing a little dance in the thrift store {not that I’d know or anything ;)}.

Patience has so many good fruits, doesn’t it? :)


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