Wednesday, October 26, 2011

day 26: fun high-end clothing finds {31 days of thrifting}

I fell in love with this dress at the thrift store a few weeks ago:IMG_4759I loved the dots and the fun pattern right away, and then when I found out that this gorgeous J. Crew silk dress was only $6, it was a done deal.
I wore it for the first time to a friend’s wedding last weekend:
I paired it with my $8 patent leather White House Black Market heels {Goodwill}, a clearance Target belt, and an old AE necklace.
The shoes are surprisingly comfortable!
We had a little birthday party on Sunday- I wore my $4 American Eagle top and my $7 AE skinny jeans from Goodwill, and paired it with my favorite belt and sandals from my closet:
This week I also wore my $7 Citizens of Humanity jeans paired with a $4 vintage top, a $2 J. Crew belt, and my $5 Italian leather vintage heels- all from Goodwill.
The bracelet was a birthday present from the J. Crew outlet store!
And I tried to get a shot with my lovely $5 leather jacket, but this ended up being the most focused one Noah took!
He was cracking me up, because he’s becoming quite comfortable with the camera, and he was crouching down {he’s six!} and taking lots of pictures in a row. Then he moved back and told me he was trying to get my shoes in the picture too. Next time we might work on focusing the camera first. ;)
Who knew photography classes were a part of homeschooling? ha!
thrifting tip #16:
when you can, try to buy high quality brand name items.
When you thrift, most of the time you will see lots of Wal-Mart and Target clothing marked the same price as Polo/Ralph Lauren, J. Crew, Banana Republic, DKNY, Ann Taylor, Gymboree, and many other higher-end brands.
Some stores will mark their items up according to brand name. I’ve seen it happen more often in larger cities, but it’s happening in our smaller town now too. I guess thrifting is getting more and more popular, so they are trying to make even more money?
Either way, I think brand name clothes are almost always the best buy. Not only do they fit well, they also hold up to washing and wear far better than most Target, Old Navy, or Walmart items. The higher quality allows you to go longer without replacing the item, which makes your thrifting dollar stretch even further.
If the difference in price is little or none, always go for the brand name item. Why pay the same price for the cheap stuff when you can have the very best?
what do you think?
would you spend a few extra dollars for brand names at the thrift store?
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