Tuesday, October 04, 2011

day #5: thrifted outfits- GW style {31 days of thrifting}

Wow, it’s already day 5 of our 31 days of thrifting!
I thought I’d change it up a bit today and share some of my favorite thrifted outfits with you!
Of all the things I buy at thrift stores, I’d say my most frequent finds are in the clothing department! I love cute clothes that are a great price, and in the summer and spring I find almost all of my clothes at Goodwill.
In the fall and winter it’s a little more difficult to find cute items in thrift stores- but if you think about retail stores, I think it’s true there too. Old Navy sells the same v-neck sweater every single year- and you really don’t get as many choices in the winter- it’s mostly jackets and cardigans, am I right?
So anyway, enough talk about my retail merchandising theories. :D
I wore two fun little GW finds last week:
{GW is our high-end nickname for Goodwill, in case you’re wondering! ha!}
Goodwill was having a 75% off of summer clothing sale a couple of weeks ago, so I got this fun little dress for $1! The tulle slip underneath is actually a skirt from GW that was $4. The vintage shoes were $4 too.
The undershirt was one I’ve had for a few years, and the necklace was a BOGO deal from American Eagle last year for around $6.
total outfit cost: $15
I couldn’t resist adding this one with Ava! She makes the funniest faces :D
Another one of my new favorites:
I found this dress for $6, and the skinny jeans are from American Eagle, thrifted for $7. The earrings were new from GW for $2. The ruffled undershirt was one I had in the closet- $6 from Marshall’s. Same necklace as before, and the shoes are from Payless- they were $14. Red flower wedges? Why, yes, yes I will, thank you Payless BOGO. :D
outfit including retail-priced shoes: $35
thrifting tip #4:
think outside the box.
When you find a clothing item that you adore but isn’t quite right for what you need, look for creative ways to wear or transform it.
Both of the dresses above were too short for me to wear as dresses alone, so I found a full skirt that worked perfectly as a length extending slip, and the jeans provided more coverage and allowed me to layer in a more casual look to go with the rhinestones and pearls.
What are some ways you’ve transformed your favorite finds?
Please share the frugal fashionista love with us! :D
Oh, and do you guys have any creative ideas on how to make these popular very short dresses actually wearable in public? :P
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