Monday, October 03, 2011

Pottery Barn + an undercover mission- day 3 {31 days of thrifting}

One of my most exciting finds in all my years of thrifting:
A full-sized Pottery Barn Penelope quilt!
It had two dime-sized black marker spots on the white parts of the quilt and it was marked $20.
I asked them to lower the price based on it’s condition, and they brought it down to $12.99. I took it home and spot treated it and miracle of miracles it came out completely. So I got a $200 PB quilt for $12.99!
Remember how I told you I had something up my sleeve to go with tip #2?
Well, I wanted you to see what it will really look like when you are out hunting for thrifted treasures. 
So I went on a little undercover mission…heheh…
Now it was just plain risky… I felt like I was some kind of FBI agent on a covert op- I had to be all sly and try to pretend my iPod was an iPhone, and do the oh, did I get a message, hmmm… let me look {with my phone at face level- ha!}…
and then a quick snap and…
I forgot to turn off the camera shutter noise.
Obviously I’m going to have to work on my spying skills.
Anyway, thankfully no one heard the obnoxious pretend camera shutter noise so I didn’t get kicked out of GW for taking a pic for you! ;)
photo 3_thumb[3]

Look like carts full of a bunch of junk to you too?
Now you’ve officially been prepped for your mission.
Let the treasure hunt begin….

One word of advice: you’d better watch your back, my friend.
Thrifters are fierce.
but more on that tomorrow!
Want to find out why I'm blogging about thrifting for 31 days straight?

Wanna join in the fun?
I would love to feature a few of your very best finds as well {you don’t even have to be a blogger!} so email me at mandy at biblicalhomemaking dot com and submit your photo with a few details! That way we can all share in the thrifty goodness! {be warned- it’s slightly addicting! :P}
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