Tuesday, November 08, 2011

busy boxes for traveling with little ones

We’ve been traveling a bunch in the last few months and with four kids eight and under in one car for hours at a time, these busy boxes have seriously been lifesavers!


I bought these colored school boxes on clearance at Walmart for $1.50 each. I think their original price was around $4. Having to buy four of anything makes you really consider the price, so I was so glad to find them on sale! The kids use them as their desks while they are in the car.

Here’s what they looked like on the inside:


I found the mini Color Wonder kits on clearance at Walmart for $1 each, the colored pencils were $1 as well {ever since we had a crayon melt into the carpet on the van’s heater floor vent, we’ve outlawed crayons in the car!}, the Hot Wheels cars for $1 were a huge hit, and the spiral notebooks were from our homeschool closet; we had stocked up on them during the summer school supplies sales for $.10 each.

The stickers were left over from the wedding shower last month, and I printed out a state map so that the kids could color and follow along on our journey. We haven’t done a bit of geography in homeschooling yet- so it was pretty funny when they tried to guess the other states and got them all wrong. They did get Texas right though! {phew!}

Total cost of each box: $4.60

$4.60 per child for more than 8 hours of traveling in peace = totally worth it!

I think the busy boxes would be great to have for long holiday trips with little ones too. You could even add holiday projects like making Christmas cards for loved ones, or doing coloring history lessons for Thanksgiving and then add some inexpensive stocking stuffers in as a surprise, or even little snacks if you let your kiddos eat in the car.

In my book, anything that makes long trips with little ones easier is…

{insert Martha Stewart voice here}…a very good thing. :)


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