Wednesday, November 02, 2011

pretending to be the pioneer woman

I love the Pioneer Woman. She’s a pretty awesome lady! She lives in Oklahoma on a ranch, and has a way with words {and pictures of horses}! If you haven’t read her blog yet, wait until you have a couple of hours days. You will laugh, cry, and everything in between. It’s amazing.

We went to Oklahoma last weekend and spent a couple of days out in the country with my family- it was such a fun break after the craziest month ever! The prairies of Oklahoma somehow gave me the desire to take lots of pictures of horses and trees. That and breathe a little deeper for two days. And eat lots of barbecue.

I forgot to care a bit about what I wore while I was there {or what I looked like for that matter!} until the hubs snapped these pics. So here is your accidental what I wore post of how I would look if I lived out in the big {tiny!} city of Boswell, Oklahoma, rode horses, and ate barbecue:




It was such a fun weekend, denim jackets, sweaters, and riding boots included! It was chilly in the mornings, and lovely later in the day- perfect for fall!

Oh, and I almost forgot the horse and tree pictures for you! Take a deep breath, smell the sweet dried grass, and pretend your relaxing on a ranch in Oklahoma for me, m’kay?





Hope you’re having a relaxing Wednesday {now}! ;)

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