Wednesday, November 16, 2011

{what i wore this week} vacation edition

We had the chance to get away from regular life, so we headed to Tennessee a few days ago for a fun vacation with the kiddos. It was just beautiful there this time of year, and I enjoyed pulling out my winter{ish} clothes for a few days!

Last week, I mixed up my secondhand items with my retail wardrobe staples to make my money stretch a little farther, and this week I added in a few items from the clearance racks of Target and J.Crew! I know that some of you don’t have a lot of luck with thrifting, so I wanted to show you all a few deals on clearance, sale, and eBay items too!

We had a great time wandering around the tiny city of Gatlinburg, Tennessee. It was a seriously adorable little town, and the people were so kind everywhere we went! They had live music, fun shops, and interesting tourist attractions.


I bought these Miss Me jeans on eBay for $27 {originally about $98}. It’s always a risk to buy eBay clothes, but these worked out to be my hubby’s favorite new pants! {he loves trousers! go figure!} They were in perfect condition, and I knew I could resell them for about what I paid if they didn’t work out. Luckily they did!

I got this green knit and silk trimmed shirt at the J. Crew outlet for $10. I love, love J. Crew clothes. Their shirts are long- great for my long torso! And $10 for a brand new J. Crew shirt is a good deal. So far all my clothing from that brand has been very high quality, even secondhand.


The weather there was in the 60’s in the daytime and dropped down to the 30’s at night. I had to wear my jacket by 4 o’clock. It was a $6 Goodwill find, along with my $8 clearance Target flats!


We hung around the cabin after dark most nights, but we did have the chance to go out to dinner once or twice. One night, I wore my $5 clearance Target top, with my $3 Target undershirt, and my $9 American Eagle belt.

IMG_5879Even paired up with my thrifted $6 American Eagle trousers, and my $20 clearance wedges, this outfit was a pricey one for me, rolling in at $43 from head to toe. {It’s amazing how much money thrifting everything can save you, isn’t it? Even with decent clearance prices, the cost goes way up.}


The next gorgeous day we took a little 45 minute trip {one way!} up to the top of the mountains. The plan was to go to the lookout and see the beautiful view.

Here’s what it was like:

top- thrifted, $4, jeans, Citizens of Humanity, $7

30 degrees, with a wind chill of like 15, raining, and so foggy I couldn’t see the children when they were more than 7 feet away! I was a little unprepared for that…

I totally hopped out of the car, took a picture, and got right back in.

Needless to say, hiking Mount Everest is not on my bucket list.


Our last day in Tennessee I didn’t even realize I’d caught the first ever case of blogitis.

Have you heard of it before?

Well, you know that thing you hear about married people and how after so many years they start to look just like each other?

Blogitis is actually a very similar condition. It happens when you subconsciously start to look just like your blog.


The scary part is, you won’t even know you have it until it’s too late.

{oh, we had a good laugh about that one!}

IMG_5899Scarf $1, Target sweater- $17 on sale, thrifted Gap jeans $7.

But it wasn’t just me. Strange things were happening to everyone in Tennessee, and I had a feeling it might’ve had something to do with the popularity of this fine offer:


I mean something about this guy looked a little bit odd…


And they played some of the weirdest games I’ve ever seen…


and thankfully we made it out of town just in time to avoid this big guy!


Yeah, so we hit the road to Asheville, North Carolina to see this amazing house.


It was so beautiful! This was just one side of it! It was cold enough in North Carolina to wear my warm wool coat- a sale find at American Eagle for $30! We were freezing by the end of the night! That little taste of winter was fun while it lasted- we came back to Texas two days later, and it was back to 80+ degree temps!

Though I loved Tennessee {it was definitely my favorite state- the people there were the nicest I’ve ever met!}, there’s just no place like home, is there?  :)

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