Wednesday, November 09, 2011

{what i wore this week} mixing it up


Whether you’ve been a long-time reader here or you’ve just started following during the 31 days of thrifting series {wasn’t that fun?! I kind of miss it!}, you might’ve noticed that most of my clothing comes from thrift stores. Heheh. ;)

I buy most of my clothing at Goodwill these days but I do shop at the mall every now and then too. I am a big fan of clearance racks!

My personal shopping strategy is to buy styles that might be just trends at thrift stores or on a great clearance at Target, and if I find a classic piece that I really love at a nicer retail store, I will pay closer to regular price for it, if it’s higher quality.

{I believe when you find something you love and it fits well, you know it when you see it. It’s kind of like love at first sight for clothes.}

I’m generally willing to pay more for a great fitting pair of jeans, a comfortable pair of neutral leather shoes or boots, and high quality classic shirts that will hold up after many washings. And mixing my colorful or fadish secondhand pieces in with my pricier neutral retail pieces lets me get more mileage out of the money I’ve invested.

I started doing my WIWW posts as motivation to get out of the exercise clothes, and now that I’ve gotten more in the habit of getting dressed daily, I’m continuing to do these posts in the hope that you will be encouraged that you can find clothes that fit your style and personality without having to spend a ton of money. :)

Talking about getting more mileage out of retail clothes- I’ve had this striped shirt for 4 years! It was a $7 Ross buy that I’ve definitely more than gotten my money’s worth out of!


It was a love at first sight piece, and I still love it four years later! The trousers were a Goodwill find that I’ve worn over and over because they are my husband’s favorite jeans {he tells me that every time I wear them too! he really likes them! I love it when he likes what I’m wearing!}

Oh, and remember my $1 scarf? I wore it for the first time that day, along with my $2 earrings.


My Gianni Bini leather shoes were $8 on eBay. GB is my go to brand for comfortable, cute shoes- so when I find a good deal on them, I’m super excited.


And I found this belted Mossimo dress at Goodwill for $4 just the other day! I loved the bold colors. I’m especially fond of bright blue… :)


I paired it with my clearanced gray leather wedge heels from Marshall’s {$20}, a neutral retail splurge for sure.


I love mixing my retail and secondhand items together. I get to try new styles, and I get tons of use out of my higher priced retail finds at the same time!

And you know, the best part is, you’d never be able to tell which one was pre-loved! ;)

do you have a favorite wardrobe piece that you’ve gotten your money’s worth from? {I’m always curious to know if I’m the only person that keeps a shirt for almost five years!}

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