Wednesday, November 30, 2011

what I wore this week {trying new things}

I stepped out of my usual comfort zone a little bit this week! I’m not a fluffy headband girl, unless it’s for a vintage wedding, but I’ve had this headband in my closet since April, and I thought she deserved at least one more wear! :D


Okay, so I wore it to church on Sunday, and one guy told me at first glance he thought I was wearing a tiara! That made me laugh…um, well now, wearing a tiara to church would be something… probably a little out of everyone’s fashion comfort zone! ha! I think he might’ve been slightly relieved it was only a headband. Oh good, Mandy’s not crazy after all….

I paired the ruffly headband up with this funky Lux/Urban Outfitters skirt from Goodwill for $4, and then added a ruffled black top and my tall boots to keep warm. I have to admit I was a wee bit cold taking these shots- it was almost 40 degrees out! I am such a cold weather weenie!



I got this blue flowy J. Crew dress for $6 at Goodwill in Dallas- it was strapless but I just couldn’t wait until summer to wear it, so I pulled it out and paired it with a gray cardi, a $1 vintage belt and my leather riding boots {Target, $50}. It was actually a really comfy combo! Perfect for sitting down and sewing! ;)


Oh, and I spotted this cozy cable knit sweater/hoodie at Goodwill the other day and didn’t have time to try it on- I just knew I would love it because it looked comfy. It’s definitely one of the only tan tops in my closet! I have maybe two khaki/tan shirts, so it’s out of my usual color scheme for sure. What do you think? Too blah? Too skin-colored?


Either way, I guess it’s warm and it only cost $4! Gotta love the thrift store. :D I added my eBayed Hudson jeans {$27} and my jeweled camouflage {um, yes!} Steve Madden flats from Ross!

I’m so enjoying this winter season and getting to try new things this week {even if it may look a little crazy!} How about you? :D

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