Wednesday, December 07, 2011

silver star flower wreath tutorial

Do you have a Christmas wreath? If not, you can make this one for less than $5! It’s a sparkly holiday version of my webster’s flower wreath.


Here’s what you start with:

:: straw wreath or strong paper plate ::
:: cake circle or round cardboard ::
:: shiny wrapping paper ::
:: glue gun ::
:: optional embellishment- ornament or small mirror ::
:: scrap paper for template ::
:: optional hanging ribbon ::
Start with your leaf template- fold a scrap piece of paper in half and draw this basic shape.
Take your pretty wrapping paper and double it over so you can cut out two leaves at a time. You may want to watch a movie or listen to something, because depending on the size of your wreath you’ll need a bunch of these! {mine was 12 inches in diameter}. It also helps if your sister-in-law comes over and doesn’t mind cutting leaves while you glue! Thanks, Cayse!! ;)
Glue the cardboard circle on to your wreath form. This is where you could really cut corners and use a Chinet or Dixie plate as your wreath base. No one will know and you could save $2.50. Hey!

Turn it over and start gluing your paper leaves on. You will have to fold the bottom in like a little wrinkle/pleat to keep it from rolling back. Overlap each one just a bit.

Do a couple of rows and turn that baby over and start going around the top, doing the same thing.

Keep going!

You can make a green circle for the inside, use an ornament, or my favorite, a compact mirror you have in your purse:

Glue it on in the center, add a hanging ribbon if you like and…


You’ve got a sparkly, thrifty Christmas wreath!


I do believe it’s my new favorite craft! :D

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