Tuesday, December 20, 2011

what i wore this week :: going green + retailing it

Last week I wore my thrifted and eBay clothes as usual- but without realizing it I wore an almost entirely retail outfit! {*gasp* right? ;) } I seriously love my thrifted items, but hey, I understand buying retail too- sometimes you can get pretty decent deals at the store and choose your size too! :)

My first outfit was a secondhand one: the Tulle striped sweater was from Goodwill for $3.99, paired with my eBay Miss Me trousers, $27, {they are the hubs new favorite, by the way! He never fails to compliment me on them!}, my eBay Gianni Bini shoes for $8, and my thrift store necklace and bracelet, $2.29 for both.


This is the brown version of the Old Navy sweater Lindsey revamped this week. {so funny that she had the same one! I love it in cream too!}


I like the way she buttoned it up- I haven’t been the biggest fan of it’s swingy bottom either. Luckily the sweater was super cheap and cute though! I think I paid maybe $15 for it at the store!

The skinnies {not to be confused with skivvies!} are from AE, but I got them at Goodwill for $7. The Gap boots were from their outlet two years ago or more, and were around $20. This one was definitely not my favorite outfit, but it worked well for me when it was cold! I had a thrift store turtleneck under the sweater and a pair of long johns under the pants- and you know what? I’d never felt more comfy in 28 degree weather!

And here is the mostly retail outfit! Yay! This means I’m not entirely addicted to thrift stores, right? :P


Most of it was from last year- but that still counts I think! :) The boots, sweater {$17}and socks {$2.50} are from Target, the jeans and belt are from AE {$25 ish and $10}, and the ruffled Old Navy shirt was around $12. The only thrifted thing is the yellow bracelet for $1! Wow! That’s crazy! Even buying all of those things on sale and clearance really adds up! I guess it’s a good thing I’ve worn almost all of it for at least two years! Phew. :P


Okay, so I really, really love wearing greens like this one. In fact, I think it may just be my new favorite color since my husband told me he loves it when I wear green. {How is it that I’m always surprised when he tells me his opinion on what I wear? It never fails to make me smile!}.


And speaking of green, yesterday I wore the women’s version of this $15 PCM t-shirt that I can’t wait to share with you guys next time. The kids “bought” it for me for Christmas! ;)


Did you know that Parental Care Ministries has a brand new online store?  They have so many cool items, and all the proceeds go toward supporting Ugandan children in need. It’s a win-win!

I love their handmade scarf for $15:

and these banana balls would be so pretty in a big bowl on my table:


Did you know children in Uganda use these as a soccer balls? Crazy, huh? {I’m not sure I could let my children get word of that one!}. I love that they are only $10 too!

While it may be a little too late to order for Christmas, it might just be the place to spend your Christmas money or to buy birthday gifts in January! ;)

I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas! {really, it already is, isn’t it?}

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