Thursday, January 05, 2012

Create Your Perfect Cleaning Schedule + a giveaway

I’ve got a special treat for you guys today! My newest sponsor, Christine, from iDreamofClean is here to share three easy steps to seeing a cleaner home right now, and to tell you more about her ebook, Create Your Perfect Cleaning Schedule! {Okay, so, when I read the title, I knew I couldn’t wait to read it! Create your perfect cleaning schedule? I’m so in!}

And guess what! She’s giving a copy of her ebook away to you guys too! {Jump down to find out how to enter!}

I’ve enjoyed getting to know Christine, and I think you will too- she’s an amazing lady. She had her second baby just three weeks ago and she’s already back in the swing of things! I interviewed her the other day so you guys could all get to know her too. {I added the bold and italics- she’s got such great things to say, I couldn’t help myself!} :)

1. Can you tell us a little about yourself? christine

I'm married to my high-school sweetheart and we are passionate about Jesus, marriage and family. We were in marriage ministry for almost ten years and were blessed to work with and learn from some of the best marriage experts around. Our focus has changed somewhat now that my husband is a pastor to young adults (18-34 year olds) but, thankfully, we still have opportunities almost daily to talk marriage.

We have two sons, a 2 ½ year old and a 3 week old, who keep me busy throughout the day…and night! Thus, my love for coffee has increased exponentially since their entrance into our family.

2. How did your blog iDreamof Clean and the idea for your ebook Create Your Perfect Cleaning Schedule come about?

The idea for iDreamofClean was born because, due to our life circumstances, I was constantly cleaning. Our little family of three lived in a 740 square foot high-rise loft, so we put in on the market in order to move into a home with more than one room. When you live in a home that small, you have to keep it organized and clean or you feel like your living on top of each other. Add in a couple of showings a week and your normal cleaning gets put into overdrive!

Shortly after launching I began researching cleaning schedules to share with readers. The few I found didn’t work for my life because I didn’t have a traditional home. I tried to look at the schedules through the lens of other homeowners, apartment dwellers, or renters and realized that the schedules wouldn’t be perfect for their home either.

I came to the realization that we not only have different homes, but we also have different lifestyles, work arrangements, and cleaning preferences. That means it’s almost impossible to create a pre-made cleaning schedule that works for everyone. Each of us needs our own plan.

Creating a custom cleaning plan, however, can be time consuming, so I wanted to find a way to walk someone through the process easily. Thus, the idea for Create Your Perfect Cleaning Schedule was born.

3. Okay, let’s say I'm a total cleaning newbie- what can I start doing today to get on the path to a cleaner home?

Implementing a few routines in your life works wonders for keeping your home clean. The very first thing I would recommend is to “do one thing” every time you enter and leave a room.

  • When you walk into the closet, put one item that has fallen to the floor back on a hanger.
  • When you leave the living room, look for a glass to take to the kitchen.
  • When you walk into your bedroom, straighten the pillows on your bed.
  • When you are getting ready in the bathroom, clear the counters or wipe them down.

What you do doesn’t matter as much as consistency. Do any one thing as often as possible and you’ll see a noticeable difference almost immediately.

The second habit I’d recommend is to make up your bed daily. I used to think that it was silly to make up a bed every day when you were just going to get in it again that night, but having a made up bed actually makes the entire room feel cleaner (even if it’s not).

If you’re looking for minimal work, the final thing I’d recommend is to clean your kitchen every night until it’s spotless. Wash every dish, clear and disinfect the counters, switch the dishtowels, and take out the trash. It may not be the most fun thing to do after a long day, but your morning will be much more productive when you don’t have to deal with leftovers from the night before.

If you’re still motivated after doing those three things, you can continue the journey with the tips found in my 31 Days to Make Cleaning a Habit series.


Isn’t she awesome? I’ve just started implementing the steps for creating a cleaning schedule routine, and I love how easy they are and how each one is broken down specifically for you. She also provides lots of helpful resources for getting started and planning worksheets to get you on track!

Want to win a copy of Create Your Perfect Cleaning Schedule? Simply leave me a comment below with the answer to this question:

Are you a cleaner by nature, or is cleaning a habit you are learning?

Don’t want to wait for the giveaway? BH readers can get a copy this week for just $4.99! Just enter the code Clean2012 at checkout!

The ebook giveaway ends at 11:59 p.m. on January 12, and the winner will be announced Friday morning!

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