Tuesday, January 10, 2012

goals update + plans for this week {jan 9-15}

Okay, so it's so motivating to be accountable to you guys for my monthly goals!! 
Here is my goal update for the second week of January:

  • I organized my sewing room this week! I have my very own desk now, and while it's not really decorated, I'm loving it like crazy. I have an office! whoop!
  • the sewing room "before"
    I had my work cut out for me!
  • made 7 freezer meals, along with one big gallon bag of homemade biscuits 
  • there was even one day I had all the laundry done! {okay, more like 2 whole hours!} now that was exciting!
  • we are finally getting back into a school routine- so we did homeschooling and research projects last week
  • Memorized 1 Peter 1:1-6- this is so exciting to me! It's going faster than I thought it would!
  • on the Gentleness challenge- I've been listening to the tone of my voice and have been really convicted that I sound harsher than I should. Working on sweetening my tone and saying thank you and please to the kids more often instead of commanding them. I'm not sure if this week has been more challenging, or I'm more aware of my fault; either way it's definitely been harder this week to be gentle in speech.  

This week's {Jan. 9-15} goals:
  • make 4 more freezer meals and 2 bags of pancakes for the freezer
  • clean out the refrigerator {I'm going for two shelves each day! ha!}
  • read more chapters of my book
  • memorize 3 more verses of 1 Peter 1
  • list at least 4 things on eBay {for some reason, I'm just dreading this! So thankful for their iPod app that allows me to list things easily!!} 
  • check into hotel room and plane tickets for Blissdom '12!
  • do something fun with the kids- a fun project or a park trip
  • work on smiling each time I ask the children to do things 

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